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ACL/PCL Arthroscopy Surgery

The Cruciate ligaments are major pairs of bones in an arrangement of letter X. These bones are mainly located in various joints, but the most affected Cruciate Ligament is in the knee joint. When it comes to the knee, the cruciate ligaments are the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL).

The ACL and the PCL are strong bands of tissue in the interior of the knee and they connect the femur and the tibia. They also prevent the major bones from sliding out of position that may disrupt motion and movement

Both the ACL and the PCL can get damaged, torn, or ruptured due to sudden twisting movements of the knee or heavy physical exercises

Symptoms of ACL/PCL (Cruciate Ligaments) Rupture

Signs and symptoms of Cruciate Ligament rupture depend on the extent of the injury, but the immediate symptoms and signs include;

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Instant swelling
  • Inability to continue your movements


The symptoms may resolve within a few days, but without medical attention, the injury may cause the collapse of the knee and instability. Reduced motion and knee difficulties will be witnessed while running, walking, jumping, or moving up or down stairs, but the pain is less significant

In most cases, since the ACL and the PCL are injured, a meniscal tear is experienced in most cases due to the force applied

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The ACL & PCL Reconstruction

Not all cases of cruciate ligament injuries require surgery, but where it is necessary, an ACL/PCL Arthroscopy Surgery in India is possible to correct the knee. The procedure is conducted under general anesthesia and two of the patient’s hamstring tendons are detached from the upper tibia to make an ACL graft. This is through a 3cm or 4cm vertical incision towards the inner side of the upper tibia.

The two tendons will be folded to create four strands that are sutured together and their thickness measured, normally (7mm*9mm). Through arthroscopic visualization and specialized instruments, a tunnel is drilled through the lower femur and the upper femur to produce a normal passage and length of the natural ACL

The graft is then pulled through the tunnels and secured to the bones on both sides to anchor the graft

The ACL/PCL Arthroscopy Surgery Cost

Your surgery cost will differ depending on the joint to be treated, but the ACL/PCL Arthroscopy Surgery Cost in India of the knee may cost a patient between Rs. 256,000 to Rs. 550,000. Your surgery cost will automatically be influenced by;

  • The Orthopedic Hospital
  • Surgeon’s experience
  • Additional cost