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Sports Injuries: Conditions & Treatments

Sports injuries are those injuries acquired through sports activities or exercises. Sports injuries can injure any part of the body, and apart from causing minor wounds, they specifically injure the musculoskeletal system. These sports injuries can occur due to direct impact or exertion of extreme force than what the body can take. Other sports injuries can be caused due to wear and tear.

In addition, sports injuries can be acute or chronic and the commonest types of acute sports injuries include; muscle sprains and strains, fractures and so on.

In the case of chronic injuries, these are caused by overuse of muscles or joints, structural abnormalities, poor posture among others.

The common types of sports injuries

Knee injuries
Sprains and strains
Achilles tendon injuries
Pain in the shin bone
Groin pulls
Swollen muscles
Rotator cuff injuries
Tennis Elbow

Symptoms of sports injuries

Symptoms of Sports Injuries may occur immediately or after a period of time depending on the cause. The commonest symptoms of acute and chronic sports injuries include;
Severe pain
Pain during activities

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    Sports Injuries Treatment

    Medical attention is necessary in the case of extreme pain and that which is chronic. In the case of minor injuries, simple exercises and pain relievers may eliminate pain, but cases where this pain persists, one must consider seeking Sports Injury Treatment in India with the help of extensive examinations.

    Treatment for sports injuries depends on the type and severity. In this case, an X-ray may be taken after an examination to identify the extent of the injury and provide the best treatment.

    Physiotherapy and other exercises may be opted for rehabilitating the injured zone of the body and also restore strength and flexibility. Various treatment approaches will be taken both at the hospital and at home, which includes; rest, compression, ice, and heat). Fortunately, the sports injury treatment cost in India and particularly at our hospital is completely affordable and friendly


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