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Spine Surgery in Jammu & Kashmir

Spinal problems can be very painful and haunt you for the rest of your life if not taken care of. Kalyan Hospital observes, identifies and provides you with the best Spine Surgery In Jammu. This treatment is also available for you in Ludhiana, which is two hours away from your current location. 

Opting for physical therapy or anti-inflammatory medications can be an appropriate solution for normal back pain. But for spinal injuries or spinal deformities that affect the spine, like herniated disks, stenosis, spinal infections, or spinal tumours, call for spinal surgery, for which we provide you with the Best Spine Surgeon In Kashmir. You can also find their treatment in Ludhiana, a two hour drive from your current location.

Some types of degenerative spine and disc problems are: 

  • Arthritis
  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylosis

The causes for any spinal condition can be due to falling or some kind of accident that damaged the spine. It can also be due to inflammation or infection. Some people have functional or structural abnormalities, which are called congenital disorders, that are present since birth. They can also occur due to a genetic disorder. Ageing is also one of the reasons for wear and tear of the spine.

Symptoms of spinal conditions may include:

  • Neck pain that gives a stabbing or burning sensation. It can be sharp or dull, depending upon the seriousness of the condition.
  • Weakness or losing control of movement or limb paralysis.
  • Losing ability to feel heat, cold or touch.
  • Spasming of muscles 
  • Losing bladder control or dysfunctioning of bowel
  • Feeling nausea or vomiting
  • Radiating pain in legs and arms
  • Intense pain in the spinal cord due to damaged nerve fibres
  • Strenuous breathing or coughing
  • Stiff or tight muscles
  • Sexual dysfunctioning, increase in sensitivity and infertility.

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Factors that may worsen the problem: 

  • Age: it is the most common factor that can increase the risk of spinal problems, usually between the age of 30-40.
  • Excess weight or obesity: Extra weight puts the extra force of stress on the spine to keep your posture upright, which may worsen the situation.
  • No exercise: not doing exercise might make your spinal muscles stiff, which results in pain as you try to move.
  • Diseases: diseases like cancer may also contribute to worsening the condition.
  • Wrong lifting techniques: using the wrong techniques to lift stuff and putting pressure on your back instead of your legs may result in spine injury or bulging disk.
  • Psychological aspects: Anxiety and depression can also lead to back problems, as stress causes tension in the muscles. 
  • Smoking: people who smoke have more risk of back problems as smoking leads to coughing, which eventually leads to herniated disks. 
  • Lifestyle: poor consumption of nutrition or improper eating, low calcium intake may also be one of the factors that affect the spine.

Prevention from worsening spine conditions:

Exercising: Exercising is a must to avoid the spine condition getting worse. However, it should only be suggested and done under the guidance of your doctor. Swimming and bicycling are good choices for exercising for those with back pain. Only those exercises should be preferred that do not put any pressure or strain on the back. 

Maintain weight: To relieve the back from too much pain, maintain your weight so that it will not put much stress on the back. 

Good posture: avoid slouching. Try to alternate the load of the back on your legs, shifting from one to another from time to time. Even while sitting, sit straight and choose a chair with armrest and lower back support. You can also put a small cushion on the back to make it a little better.

Improve lifting techniques: try to avoid heavy lifting in the first place, and when you need to, try to lift stuff by putting pressure on your leg instead of your back.

Kalyan Hospital specialises in problems related to the spine. Doesn’t matter what type of spinal problem you have. With us, you can get the best Back Pain Treatment In Srinagar, which is also available in Ludhiana, where you can reach within two hours and get a more satisfactory treatment.


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