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Pediatric Orthopedic Issues At Kalyan Hospital

Babies are delicate and in the case of any medical condition, they require specialized care and treatment. We, at Kalyan Hospital have a specialized department that handles a wide range of pediatric orthopedic issues. This department generally focuses on availing quality and effective treatment for babies or children with orthopedic and neuromuscular medical problems.

Diagnosis & Treatment of pediatric orthopedic problems

Babies, children, or infants are generally not good at explaining what they feel or where it hurts. Therefore, it takes a specialist to diagnose any underlying medical problem for the best treatment approach.

As an advanced orthopaedic hospital in India, we utilize contemporary diagnostic approaches to determine the actual problem affecting your child. This is generally done with the help of our special training and expertise in the orthopaedic sphere.

When it comes to treatment, we offer the most conducive and effective treatments for a spectrum of pediatric orthopedic issues. We certainly take every effort to help your child develop normally without musculoskeletal system problems.

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    Pediatric Orthopedic Problems We Handle

    We handle and treat a variety of pediatric orthopedic issues and some of them include;

    Congenital deformities
    Bone Infections
    Hip Diseases
    Soft Tissue Damage
    Spine Injuries
    Cysts & Tumors
    Joint Pain

    A proper exam is conducted to ascertain the actual problem before embarking on treatment.

    Why Choose Kalyan Hospital For Pediatric Orthopedic Problems

    Kalyan hospital has previously widened its influence in the orthopaedic sphere by becoming a reliable child bone hospital in India like no other. Its orthopaedic specialists are highly qualified and utilize contemporary approaches to diagnose and treat different bone and joint conditions.


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