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What is Arthritis?

A comprehensive note to understand the cause and treatment plan for Knee replacement.

The knee is the main joint of a leg. It creates movements in the leg. Many people are suffering from knee pain. It mostly occurs in senior citizens. It can cause discomfort to the patient. Patients can experience different symptoms. The main cause of knee pain is injury at the joint and the age factor. Kalyan Hospital offers you knee replacement in Srinagar with advanced technology.  

What is knee replacement?

Knee replacement is a surgery that removes the damaged joint of the knee. The surgery is helpful for the better working of the knee joint. There are four types of knee replacement surgery. 

Total knee replacement

Suppose a patient feels severe discomfort. At that time, doctors suggested a Total knee replacement. You experience pain while walking, climbing stairs and sitting and bending. Surgery is an effective treatment.  

Partial replacement 

Partial replacement is also known as Unicompartmental replacement. In this replacement, the damaged portion is resurfaced with metal and plastic compounds. Orthopedic Surgeon in Srinagar takes much less to perform than Total knee replacement. 

Kneecap replacement

Patellofemoral arthroplasty is another name for Knee replacement. The front lower end of the femur is removed in this surgery. The contact surface is the underlying of the patella. Further, The underlined patella is shaved off. It fits with a Polymer plastic implant. 

Complex and revision knee replacement surgery

The doctors of the best Orthopedic Hospital in Jammu & Kashmir suggest revision and complex surgery when there is a complication. This complication occurs from the last injury and replacement. Sometimes, it needs bone and muscle removal. A man-made joint called a prosthesis is replaced. 

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    Signs of knee replacement

    You experience different signs. These signs can show that you need a knee replacement. 

    • Chronic knee pain
    • Bone-on-bone arthritis
    • Knee is unstable
    • Knee deformity
    • Severe swelling in the knee area. 
    • Popping noises
    • Redness
    • Feel warmness 

    Cause of knee replacement

    The main cause of knee damage is injuries, old age and mechanical problems. 

    ACL Injury

    The ACL injury stands for Anterior cruciate ligament. A tear injury involves an ACL. ACL is one ligament from form. These ligaments connect the shinbone and thighbone. It is common in players. 


    Sudden falls and accidents cause fractures. The weak bone can easily get fractured. The bones become weak with Osteoporosis.

    Torn Meniscus

    It is tough and rubbery cartilage. It acts like a shock absorber between the shinbone and the thigh bone. It damages with a sudden twist while you have weight. 

    Knee bursitis

    It occurs because of Inflammation. The bursae are the small sacs that contain fluid. This fluid is 

    a glide for the smooth tendons and ligaments. 

    Patellar tendinitis 

    It is caused by irritation and Inflammation of one or more tendons. It is thick and fibrous tissue of the knee.  

    Risk factors of knee problems. 

    A number of factors can increase your risk of having knee problems, including:

    Excess weight 

    Being overweight can increase stress on your knee joints. When you are walking or going up and down stairs, You feel discomfort and mild pain. The risk of osteoarthritis is quite high and continuously increasing. The breakdown of joint cartilage.

    Lack of muscle flexibility or strength

    You lose the strength and flexibility of muscles. It can increase the risk of knee injuries. Strong muscles are helpful for stabilizing and protecting the joints. The flexibility of muscles can be helpful for achieving a full range of motion.

    Previous injury

    The previous knee injury increases the risk of injury in your knee again. 

    Cost of Knee replacement

    Knee replacement is much cheaper than other surgeries. You can see the difference between costs according to location. The Kalyan Hospital offers the cheapest  Knee Replacement Cost in Jammu & Kashmir. The cost in India is 150000-300000. The surgery cost is 130000-250000. The rest of the amount is used for prosthesis cost. You can also visit our facility in Ludhiana, two hours away from your current location. You can find the best treatment and care from our advanced facilities in Ludhiana.


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