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When back surgery is considered as the right choice for an individual?

More people are undergoing spinal fusion that is the appropriate solution for improved health. The decision to consider spinal surgery in Ludhiana is the best to deal with back pain. You need to talk to the orthopedic surgeon to understand, ‘When is the right time to undergo the back surgery?’ Spinal fusion procedure During the [...]


Why should you undergo minimally invasive spine surgery in India?

How minimally invasive spine surgery is different from open surgery? Minimally invasive spine surgery in India: Consulting the best orthopedic surgeon is important as he can help you make an informed decision and you can see the best results. During minimally invasive spine surgery small incisions are made and sometimes one incision is enough to [...]


What Are The Important Tips To Recover From Back Surgery On Time?

This guide is going to help you learn the foremost tips to recover after undergoing spine surgery in Ludhiana. Our orthopaedic surgeon has shared some of the recovery tips for your comfort level.  Important tips for recovery Follow the surgeon’s guideline First of all, you need to follow the surgeon guidelines to recover on time. [...]