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Common Orthopedic Procedures for Trauma and Accidental Patients

Trauma is the physical injury caused by the accidents. Trauma patients are actually the victim of the small injuries at the home to the complex injuries that has been performed on the road accidents. This is the field that requires the physical injuries for the emergency situations.

First Aid Care for Trauma and Accidental patients:

The first aid plays the vital role in saving the patients. If you are injured in the accident, then firstly check yourself for any of the injuries. Firstly check, how well you move with your limbs.
If you are feeling dizziness then, you require the help of the others.
Then you analyze the extent of the injury like blood from the head, neck, abdomen etc.
Firstly treat the quietest person, he may be seriously injured or cannot breathe properly.

What are the common orthopedic procedures are used?

Following are the common orthopedic procedure:


This is the method in which the long bones in the body are fixed with the long nails and screws. The fractures of the arms, thighs and usually corrected with the help of the nail.

Compression Plating:

The smaller bones in the body such as the forearm and hand are usually fixed with the number of the compression plates and screws. These are essential for the proper alignment of the fractures. This allows the early mobilization of the affected area.

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    Locking plate fixation:

    This is the one of the newest advancement in the orthopedic implant design. This is used to correct the weak bones. This plate provides the extra rigid fixation.

    Minimally invasive fixation (MIPPO technique):

    This is the one of the minimum invasive surgery. This is more cosmetic in nature. This requires the use of the smaller incisions and less tissue damage. This help in the fastest recovery and healing.

    External fixation:

    There are some fractions that lead to the infection. In this case, external fixations are used to fix these fractures. This is not the permanent but the temporary mode of the fracture treatment.

    Ilizarov fixation:

    This is the method suitable for the comminuted fractures where routine surgeries are not performed. This is actually the limb lengthening procedure.

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