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An Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon utilizes a thin viewing tool known as an arthroscope to look inside and in other cases, fix the joint. Arthroscopic procedures have become common and an immediate solution to orthopedic patients that may require extended observations of the inner joint structures.

During the procedure, an incision is made and an arthroscope is inserted into your joint. This arthroscope consists of a video camera and a light source that help project images of your joint on the screen under magnification.

Depending on the purpose of the surgery, a sample of the joint tissue “biopsy” can be retrieved for further observations.

Evaluation & Diagnosis
Initially, X-rays, CT scans, blood tests, and even an MRI are performed to search for the problem in your joint. Cases where these fail to expose the issue, an Arthroscopy can be an option

Joint Surgery
In other cases, an arthroscopy can be used during a joint surgery to;
Repair your cartilage, ligaments, and tendons
Trim bone tissue with an intention of eliminating bone spurs or calcium deposits.
Retrieve a sample of tissue or fluid (synovial fluid)
Eliminate scar tissues
Cut ligaments

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Preparing for an Arthroscopy

An arthroscopy is completely an outpatient procedure and those who may require an Arthroscopy Surgery in India must be calm since the surgery is;
Painless or produces a slight pain (regional or general anesthesia is administered)
Offers a quick recovery
Less costly

You will be asked several questions regarding your lifestyle, medical history, a previous joint injury, infection or treatment. The surgeon will also explain to you about the possible risks of the surgery depending on your case.

You will be required to report with a walker or a crutch in case the Arthroscopy is for the knee or a hip and a sling for the Arthroscopy of the arm.

Arthroscopy Cost

The city and the hospital highly determine your Arthroscopy Surgery Cost in India, but a patient must be informed that the procedure ranges from 69,000 rupees. Arthroscopic procedures are some of the regularly performed orthopedic procedures due to their efficacy.

Patients are able to return to their activities as soon as possible.

The possible risks

Arthroscopy procedures are commonly successful and offer no complications and risks, but in some cases, some patients experience;
Permanent joint pain
Reactions to general anesthesia
Compartment Syndrome
Damage to the nearby structures among others

To avoid such occurences, the procedure must be conducted by a well experienced orthopedic surgeon.