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Orthopedic Hospital in Srinagar

Kalyan Hospital: Your Trusted Destination for World-Class Orthopedic Care

One medical facility distinguished apart for its outstanding orthopedic services: Kalyan Hospital is located in the stunning area of Srinagar. It is hidden away in the peaceful landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Why choose Kalyan Hospital 

For orthopedic treatment in the area, Kalyan Hospital has established a solid reputation. Each component of the hospital’s orthopedic department reflects its dedication to offering the best possible medical care.

Meet the orthopedic surgeons in Srinagar.

The dedicated and knowledgeable Orthopedic Surgeon in Srinagar is at the Kalyan Hospital’s orthopedic expertise. These experts provide knowledge and expertise. They are the hospital’s foundation for success. These orthopedic specialists are trusted by clients from all around Jammu and Kashmir to deliver the best care possible. They specialize in joint replacements, spine surgeries and sports injuries. Patients across the region put their trust in capable hands.  

A wide range of orthopedic services

Kalyan Hospital has modern equipment which helps to diagnose the problem or conditions. Even if you have injuries through sports or chronic pain in joints, this hospital has an orthopedic section where surgeons provide cutting-edge solutions. 

Joint replacement 

If you want to replace your joint, then Kalyan Hospital is the best solution for your needs. This hospital provides an advanced joint replacement process. This process also includes other procedures, such as knee and hip replacements. After taking this surgery at this hospital, you get effective results. Here, expert surgeons treat you to relieve your joint pain.

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Spine surgery 

If you have spinal issues, you feel discomfort and this pain you can not ignore easily. But this Hospital offers complex spine surgeries with expert surgeons. They have experienced various spinal surgeries. They first diagnose and provide an efficient treatment so that you can relieve your pain. It helps to improve your quality of life. 

Sports medicine 

When individuals participate in athletes, they suffer major injuries when they play any game. This Hospital offers expert doctors who focus on quick recovery so that they return to their performance.  

Fracture care

Kalyan Hospital has an expert team that performs simple to complex fractures. These 

orthopedic teams provide efficient treatment to patients so that they recover quickly. 


Orthopedic problems are diagnosed and treated using less invasive methods like arthroscopy. This Hospital uses these cutting-edge methods for the benefit of its patients. 

Orthopedic hospital in Jammu and Kashmir

The dedication of Kalyan Hospital to offering excellent orthopedic care has established its place as a top orthopedic Hospital in Jammu & Kashmir. Patients travel to Kalyan Hospital from Srinagar and other regions of the state to receive orthopedic care of the highest caliber. The hospital’s cutting-edge amenities. They have a kind and knowledgeable medical team. It is advantageous location makes it a dependable and accessible option for orthopedic care in the area. Or else, you can come to our facility in Ludhiana, which is just two hours away from Jammu and Kashmir and will provide you the same level of satisfactory treatment without much trouble.

Kalyan Hospital is a healthcare building that serves as a source of superiority in the field of orthopedics. It is more than just an orthopedic hospital. If you are aiming for orthopedic treatment surgery, you can go to Kalyan Hospital. There is an Orthopedic Surgeon in Srinagar who offers therapy so that you can ease your pain as soon as possible.


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