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Revision Total Knee Replacement - Another chance to live active life

Revision Total Knee Replacement is one of the most popular procedures in the scientific field. This help to live life richer and lead more active life free from the chronic knee pain.
When the first knee replacement surgery is unsuccessful, then there is the need for the second surgery called total knee replacement surgery. In this case, your surgeon will remove some part of the original prosthesis and replace it with the new ones. Expert is always expert and we are a renowned team of experts that provides revision total knee replacement in India.

When is Revision Total Knee Replacement recommended by your surgeon?

Implant Loosening and Wear

Sometimes, Osteolysis (red arrow) has been caused around the tibial component and implant become loose from the bone. In order to knee replacement work properly, then there is need to firmly attach to the bone. At the time of the first surgery, this was cemented to the position or bone is expected to grow in the surface of the implant. The main reason for losing the implant is doing high impact activities, obesity and wear –tear off the plastic spacer between the two metal elements.


Infection is one of the potential complications that leads to the total knee replacement. Infection may occur in the home or in hospital. It may occur number of the years later.
If the artificial joint has been infected, then area becomes stiff and painful. Then the implant starts losing its attachment to the one. Otherwise, there is need of the revision knee surgery.

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    If the ligaments around the knee are damaged or improperly imbalanced, then your knee becomes unstable. Most of the implants are designed to work with the existing ligament. If there is any change in the ligament, may prevent the implant from working properly. You may also experience recurrent swelling and sensitivity in the giving away. If the instability of the knee is not treated with the non surgical means such as the bracing and physical therapy, then there is need of the revision surgery.


    If there is any break in the scar tissue, then your surgeon need manipulation under the anesthesia. Sometimes, total knee replacement us used to get the desired of the motion in order to perform the everyday activities. This may cause if there is excessive scar tissue around the knee. In this case, you don’t feel any kind of the pain. In this case, your surgeon aggressively bends your knee in order to break down the scar tissue.


    A periprosthetic fracture is the broken bone around the components. These fractions are usually the result of the fall. In this case, there is need of the revision surgery. If you want to determine the extent of the revision required, then your surgeon will consider the number of the factors. This includes the quality of the remaining bone, type and location of the fracture and also checks where the implant is loose.
    Apart from this, there are some people of India are worried about the cost of the revision knee replacement. Revision total knee replacement cost in India is much affordable if we consider other countries.


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