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5 Things to Think about before Hip Replacement Surgery


    5 Things to Think about before Hip Replacement Surgery

    Many patients deal with pain in their hips which affects their quality of life. In that case, the option of hip replacement surgery can be proved beneficial. But, how a person can know whether they need to get the treatment or not? Read the given topic to know more about this.

    Hip replacement surgery is the second most procedure after knee replacement. Many people are facing the problem but how to know when is the right time to undergo the treatment of hip replacement?

    • Hip Arthritis

    The term arthritis means inflammation of the joint, and this happens because of the inflammation within the joint. With time, the inflammation can lead to exposed bone and cartilage loss. This occurs because of wear & tear, and this can affect the smooth cartilage.

    • Is there a need to get the hip replacement?

    The need for surgery arises when the hip joint pain is not able to be controlled with the non-operative treatment options. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove the joint surface damaged part, which is replaced by an artificial implant.

    Deciding whether to get the surgery or not is a very important decision. You need to ask the ortho doctor if you are too young to get the surgery or in the future, you must get it again. However, if you delay the treatment, then it is going to cause problems.

    • Alternative options

    The treatment starts with the most basic one, and then it starts progressing in which surgery might be the ideal choice for you. But, yes, not all the options are ideal for every patient.

    Generally, patients are recommended surgery when all the other options have been tried. Normal activities are limited. If the pain is occasional and you can take part in athletic activities, then the option of surgery is not for them. The non-operative options include weight loss, joint supplements, activity modification, and anti-inflammatory medications.

    Patients under the age of 60 can use the alternative of hip resurfacing.


    • How long the results last for?


    The hip replacements do wear out with time but for how long they will last. Studies have shown that they can last for around 20 years.

    The functioning of hip replacement

    For younger patients less than the age of 65: 80%

    For patients over the age of 65: 94%


    • Rehabilitation


    The surgery is successful but along with that rehabilitation is necessary. You will get to work with a physical therapist especially during the early stage the focus will be on walking safely and maintaining the movement.

    Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any problem which is impacting your daily routine.

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