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Arthritis in Toe Joint – Symptoms


    Arthritis in Toe Joint – Symptoms

    Millions of people are suffering from arthritis problem, which results in severe pain, discomfort, and so on health issues. Usually, this condition does not affect the toe joint, but the majority of people experience toe joint arthritis. In this condition, you need to visit the ortho doctor, so that you can get the right treatment for your condition.

    Usually, arthritis does not affect the toe joints, but when these affect, it can not be avoided. In this condition, people are unable to take a single step because they feel too uncomfortable and suffering from severe pain. This happens when your toe joint gets damaged and this outcome in chronic pain and inflammation. Due to this inflammation condition, you will not be able to perform athletic activities and do not able to walk properly.

    This condition leads you to swell, pain, irritation, and stiffness as well. In this case, you must talk to the ortho doctor, and tell him about these signs, also other health conditions as well. You may need to undergo surgical arthritis treatment, but it depends on your toe condition. That’s why we recommend you to discuss all the things with your doctor.

    Symptoms of arthritis in Toe joint

    As we stated above, this condition results in severe pain, chronic inflammation, swelling, and stiffness. And there are several other signs of this condition include-:


    Pain is the main sign of this arthritis condition in toe joints. Well, millions of people are experiencing severe pain while walking and practicing any type of physical activity. This sign can only be treated with the help of treatment includes physical therapies. Severe pain may take almost 5-6 days to gone away by activity.

    Stiffness and Redness

    You may not know that redness and stiffness is a sign of inflammation, which can happen in a range of conditions. In addition, redness is experienced due to deformities around an infected toe joint. When you start developing pressure sores around the affected joint. This condition results in redness and stiffness.


    This is another most noticing sign when you are suffering from arthritis in the toe joint. Due to excessive swelling, you are unable to take even a single step. You feel too discomfort while walking.

    Deformities and Numbness

    When you are suffering from swelling, then these conditions results in burning sensation and numbness as well. In this condition, your nerves are unable to work properly and you feel uncomfortable.

    In addition to this, deformities are a common sign in people with arthritis in the toe joint. Well, you may not be aware of it, that bone spurs are the main reason behind deformity around the affected toe joint.

    Treatment for arthritis of toe joint

    • Footwear Modifications
    • Anti-Inflammatory Medications
    • Ice and Heat Application
    • Cortisone Injection
    • Orthotics and Inserts
    • Custom Orthotics
    • Surgical treatment

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