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Best Alternatives for Joint Replacement Surgery


    Best Alternatives for Joint Replacement Surgery

    Do you have pain in your knees, joints, or hips? You are not sure what you need to do. If you do not know that, getting joint replacement surgery is not the only option to get relief. In many cases, there are other options which you can try to get relief from the pain. Read the guide to learn the best alternatives.

    Given below are the best alternative for joint replacement shared by our ortho doctor:


    Many medications can work effectively to prevent pain, stiffness, inflammation, and swelling. You need to consult the doctor and he can tell you which option will suit your condition the best and reduce the symptoms. Make sure to take them in the dosage as prescribed by the doctor.


    Medical experts can also prescribe physical therapy to reduce stiffness and joint pain. Our therapist will work closely with the patient and give them customized treatment to strengthen the muscles and give support to the joints.

    In addition to therapy, you should apply the ice and heat. Also, some patients are suggested the electronic nerve stimulation to increase the blood flow and reduce inflammation. In many cases, working with the therapist is a great way and it can provide you the support you are looking for.


    Injections are another option which is hyaluronic acid shots or cortisone. With these injections, the pain is reduced and the muscles are lubricated which gives the joint the support they need. If they work. The pain is reduced and it can help to lessen the pain for months.

    Minimally invasive surgery

    If none of the treatments, work in the manner you want to, then the option of minimally invasive surgery will work. Small incisions are made and the doctor inserts the camera at the end. With this, the doctor can see the images which allow the surgeon to operate the knees. The tiny instruments are used to effectively repair the problem you have. Patients can undergo arthroscopic surgery so that there is no need for replacement or it can be delayed for a long time.

    Additional options

    In some cases, the surgeon can suggest an option like osteotomy which can help the patients. The procedure is highly effective for younger patients. In the procedure, the surgeon cuts the bone into shorter parts to give you relief from the arthritic area. Sometimes, patients can include therapies, medicines, and acupuncture.

    Seek medical help

    If you are in doubt, what you need to do, then talk to the medical expert. The doctor will let you know which option will work best for you or whether you need a combination of treatment to get relief from pain. For more information, book your appointment with the doctor today only!

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