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Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery At Kalyan Hospital


    Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery At Kalyan Hospital

    Spine and joint issues can cause extreme pain and discomfort. These issues can affect your movement and lead to interruptions in your everyday life. Spine and joint issues can affect any individual regardless of age. They occur due to the lifestyle as well as certain rough movements or meetings with an accident. In some cases, people can’t move at all due to the pain. In the end, the only thing to do is treat these issues at the best healthcare facility.

    In this video, the patient, Saniya, shares her experience during the surgery at Kalyan Hospital. The patient consulted various healthcare facilities and found out that both her hips were damaged, which was the reason for her compromised mobility. The patient received a bilateral hip replacement surgery at Kalyan Hospital and is finally able to get back to her life without any problems. She is not feeling any pain or discomfort and is able to walk on her own. 

    The outstanding treatment at Kalyan Hospital provided a satisfactory result. Our healthcare facilities are known for their trustworthy and reliable service. Expert doctors have been in the medical industry for years, which enables them to do a magnificent job and ensure patients’ good health. 

    If you are experiencing any issues with your spine or joint, contact Kalyan Hospital today to receive a top-notch treatment.

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