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Broken Bones – Signs, Types, How To Recover Fast


    Broken Bones – Signs, Types, How To Recover Fast

    The bones get broken or fractured when a force is applied which is stronger than the bone can bear. This harms and breaks the bone structure, and it loses its strength. This lead to pain, and the bone cannot function properly. In some cases, the patient might have bleeding or injury in the affected area. You should visit the ortho doctor to get rid of the problem. Bones are made of calcium and bone cells, and they are a type of connective tissue.

    The bone fractures are of different types. Some of them are very severe, and some can be healed very quickly. Sometimes, you might have to consult the orthopedic surgeon to discuss the problem.

    What are the signs related to the fractured bone?

    Bone fractures are of many types which can happen to a person, such as dislocation (moved out from the normal position). Sometimes it is very hard to tell what the problem is. The signs and symptoms depend on which bone is broken and the injury. It may include:

    • Not able to use the limb
    • Swelling
    • Bruising
    • Deformity
    • Pain

    What are the Types of fractures?

    • Closed fracture: It is a simple fracture. When the bone gets fractured or breaks, it does not penetrate the skin.
    • Hairline Fracture: If you are putting stress on your body by running or jogging more than required then you might have to face the problem of a hairline fracture. It often occurs in the lower leg or the foot.
    • Open fracture: The broken bone gets pierced out through the skin. In this type of fracture, the patient might have to go for immediate surgery. If not then there is a risk of bleeding and infection.
    • Greenstick Fracture: It is a very small crack in the bone. This type of fracture is common in children because of the flexibility in the bones.
    • Compression Fracture: When the bones are forcefully rubbed against each other this fracture happens. This type of fracture occurs in the spine called vertebrae. Older people face this problem more often.

    How to Recover Fast?

    Healing a broken bone takes time and at least 4 to 8 months. One of the things which will you have to do eat healthy food. It is necessary to include all the nutrients which will help to bones recover fast. Include an adequate amount of calcium in your diet. It helps the bone to recover faster. Smoking decreases the flow of blood in the body and your bones will not get the nutrients properly. You should follow the doctor and take the medications on time.

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