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Dietary Tips After Spine Surgery


Dietary Tips After Spine Surgery

Patients who have undergone spine surgery might think that they should cut down on the calories, but you should increase your diet. This will give your body to heal properly and even on time. Make sure you eating a high-quality diet which will ensure the healing process is smooth. In most types, the surgery is not required at first. But sometimes the problem is in excess that only surgery will treat the issue. Additionally, there are different types of back surgery such as diskectomy, vertebroplasty, laminectomy, or fusion.

While recovering keep one thing in mind that you should proper diet. We have mentioned tips on the diet so that you know which type of food is best for you.

  • Protein

After the surgery, include protein in your diet as it helps to recover and heal faster. The protein is used by the body to build tissue, skin, muscles, white and blood cells. If your diet does not have a high level of protein than it will delay the healing process and you will face the problem. You should include chicken, egg, fish, and beef. On average, it is best to consume at least .33grams to .5 grams of protein according to body weight.

  • Calcium

The most found mineral in the body is calcium. All the bones in our body are made of calcium. This helps in preventing bone loss as well makes the bones more strong. You should include cheese, fish, milk, yogurt, and green vegetables in your diet. It is best if you consume calcium at least 1000 milligrams in a day.

  •    Silicon

According to research silicon is really helpful information and growth.  However, it is not clear why this thing actually happens. You should oats, barley, rice, green vegetables, beets, and bell peppers. It is best if you consume at least 20 milligrams to 50 milligrams in a day.

  •     Supplemental Shakes

To increase the calories in your diet include smoothies and shakes in your diet. You can various combinations which you like according to your taste and preference or you can buy them from the market.

  •   Fiber and Water

No doubt, you have to take medicines for a while and it might leave you constipated. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water every day and it also helps in the healing process. Additionally, you should also eat food with fiber such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

In case, if you are experiencing any problem after the surgery than consult the doctor so that the problem does not increase.

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