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Do Hip or Knee Implants last for Decades?


    Do Hip or Knee Implants last for Decades?

    Joint replacement surgeries are considered the safe and effective treatment option for problematic joints as these surgeries restore the strength of muscles and also the mobility of the particular joint. It is the obvious question in the minds of patients who had or planning to have joint replacement surgeries, what will be the life of my new hip or knee joints?

    How long are hip or knee replacements expected to last?

    However, a specific figure of time cannot be given for the life of new implants, and also these artificial replacements cannot even last for a lifetime but these replacements have good life depending on various factors. Let us study the average life of hip or knee replacements and the factors affecting their life

    The average life of knee or Hip Replacement

    Hip or knee replacement in Jalandhar has been performed with advanced technology and state of art, so the average life of the knee implant can be more than 10 years, and even these replacements can last for two decades.

    Studies have revealed that more than 80% of knee or hip replacement in Jalandhar last for more than 15 years minimum on an average basis. However, there are various factors, physical or medical, that can affect the life of implants, but on an average basis, you need not worry about your implants for at least two decades.

    Factors Affecting the Life of Knee or Hip Replacements

    Many studies and research have been conducted to study the average life of joint replacements, but as such, no thumb rule has been given to adding to the lifespan of these artificial implants some individual factors can make the difference as follows


    Patient’s age can affect the life of implants as the studies have revealed that in younger patients, artificial implants can last for a longer time as they remain more active. However, the trend of revision hip or knee replacement has been noticed more in patients who have aged more than 60 years on an average basis.

    Physical activities

    After hip or knee replacement, the patients become capable of performing their normal activities, but some activities are not good for hip replacements as these can be painful or difficult, so such activities can wear out the implants before the time

    Body weight

    Patients’ weight puts stress on the knee or hip joint, so patients who have excessive weight can expect a lesser life of their implants as due to stress and pressure caused by their weight on implants, these get wear out earlier.

    Material of implants

    The material used for the implants can also have a direct effect on the life of implants in the market; there are some implants of poor quality material that do not even last for one decade, so before surgery, it is important to check the quality and nature of the material used for your implants.

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