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Does Cracking Knuckles Cause Arthritis?


    Does Cracking Knuckles Cause Arthritis?

    Some people crack knuckles to relieve tension and some might do it because they feel nervous. But, people often think is it bad for their health or it would lead to long-term damage to the joints. In this guide, we will have brief information about cracking knuckles that lead to arthritis.

    Some people crack the knuckles by pulling each fingertip at one time till the time they hear a crack. If you are one of those who love cracking the knuckles then there are high chances that someone has told you cracking joints will give arthritis.

    Well, this is the most common question asked to our ortho doctor, “Am I going to get arthritis by cracking knuckles?”

    In short, ‘NO’. But, yes there are many reasons why it should not be done. Given below is detailed information to avoid knuckle-cracking.

    Knuckle cracking comes with swelling, stiffness, or pain then it may be hand osteoarthritis. Make sure that you seek medical advice at the right time so that the doctor can address the problem and give you the most effective plan of arthritis treatment.

    Research on Knuckle-Cracking

    To find out if the knuckle-cracking is harmful then research is done to find the reason. The study has found that regardless of its frequency or time of cracking the risk of arthritis is neither with knuckle crackers or non-crackers. Well, there is no relation between cracking and hand arthritis. Well, this is for the joint which pops like knee or hips.

    What is the reason for knuckle crack?

    The noise of cracking and popping the joint make is known as crepitus. This occurs due to the gas bubbles in the fluid which surrounds the joints and it is released with the joint movement.

    Crepitus is not harmful and they do not result in health issues like arthritis. Only if the problem is accompanied by swelling, pain, or immobility of the joint.

    Is there any harmful effect of knuckle-cracking?

    However, if you are knuckle-cracking daily then still there are some reasons to stop knuckle-cracking. Around 300 patients were surveyed and compared with those who did not crack the knuckles as compared to the knuckle crackers:

    • They had a weaker grip.
    • Increased swelling in the hand.

    The study also showed that the people who crack their knuckles are engaged in nervous habits like biting nails. Well, with the general advice the person will be able to cut back on the knuckle-cracking like by finding a replacement activity or visualizing ahead of how you will react when the temptation occurs. In all, whether you do it intentionally or regularly there is no need to worry that the risk of arthritis will increase.

    If you have any doubts in your mind then you should book your consultation with the doctor today only.

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