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For An Orthopedic Surgery: Own Tissue or Donor Tissue?


    For An Orthopedic Surgery: Own Tissue or Donor Tissue?

    Well, orthopedic surgeries are designed for those who are suffering from knee pain due to injury and some poor lifestyle habits. If you are in that loop, you must talk to a doctor he will guide you properly. Or you must read this article in order to get knowledge about surgeries and own tissue or donor tissues, which is used in the procedure.

    Many people are suffering from several types of pain, injuries, and trauma, which need orthopedic surgery. Well, most people who are suffering from knee pain need knee replacement which can be done by own tissue or donor tissue. If you are suffering from a serious condition, then you must contact the doctor as soon as possible so that he can examine you and tell you whether you need donor tissue or not.

    Well in order to understand the strategy behind own tissue or donor tissue, you need to know which type of surgery basically need tissue augmentation. There are several types of surgeries, which require tissue augmentation such as-:

    • Fracture surgery
    • ACL Surgery
    • Spinal Fusion or reconstruction
    • Cartilage transplant surgery.



    When you are planning to get surgery, you must go for a consultation, in which your surgeon will ask you some questions. He may ask you whether you need own tissue or donor tissue. In this situation, you need to answer carefully, so must understand both these terms first.

    Let’s have a look at own tissue or donor tissue.

    What is own tissue?

    Own tissue is also known as Autograft, which is tissue that is alive in your body and contains living cells. If you go with own tissue, then you will surely get the positive results and there is no side effect or risk associated with this tissue. This autograft procedure has so many benefits such as-:

    • Healthy, living tissue because this is taken from your own body
    • This own tissue is Stronger than tissue that has been sterilized
    • There is no such side effect and no possibility of disease transmission
    • You do not experience any type of pain or discomfort during and after the procedure.

    What is donor tissue?

    A recent study reveals that people who choose donor tissue do not experience any type of discomfort. This is also known as allograft, which has less recovery time, so there is no need to take tension. This procedure also has many benefits such as-:

    • You do not face any type of discomfort or pain during the early phases of recovery.
    • This allows a smoother postoperative period, so you do not take tension.

    If you are still in doubt, then you must talk to a doctor, he will surely guide you about everything related to orthopedic surgery and tissues.

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