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How to Exercise if you have Arthritis?


    How to Exercise if you have Arthritis?

    If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, then you will have to exercise with caution. Of course, you will have to avail of arthritis treatment if you are suffering from this condition. Get in touch with an ortho doctor about the kind of activity you can undertake. Go through this post if you are looking for an ideal kind of exercise for this condition. We recommend the following exercises for you –

    Range-of-motion exercises– Gentle stretching is a recommended activity prior to exercising .Everyone should do some stretching exercise daily before starting a workout. Stretching relaxes the body and prevents injuries. Tai chi, Pilates and modified yoga are recommended for increasing flexibility.

    Strength and resistance exercises– If you have strong muscles, then you will be happy to know that they can greatly reduce the stress felt by arthritic joints. Strengthening exercises enhance the shock-absorbing abilities in muscles. This, in turn, grants protection to joints from pain and injury.

    Aerobic exercise– Aerobic exercises help in making the cardiovascular system more efficient. Aerobics also help in providing endurance, and strength to the bones. It is also an excellent mood enhancer and ideal for losing weight. It also has a positive effect on the sleep of the person. Arthritis patients can perform low-impact aerobic exercises like swimming, biking, and walking.

    People with arthritis should be aware that the way the body and joints are positioned and how they help in maintaining posture, balance, and coordination. If a person is aware, then he can control the conditions which might cause a fall.

    The patients can also opt for various lifestyle and recreational activities. Exercises like golf, hiking, cycling, raking, or gardening come under this category. They are recommended as they seem to be both comfortable and enjoyable to the patient. That way, he is more likely to be regular with it.

    Three levels of exercises are recommended for people with arthritis-

    1. Therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises– Health care professionals recommend these exercises for specific joints or parts affected by arthritis. Hip and knee joints are such joints. This level is ideal for bringing previously inactive patients to an active level. It can also be used for patients recovering from surgery.

    2. Recreational and leisure activities-These types of exercises include walking, running, swimming, and skiing. However, the arthritis patients need to be careful about not putting too much stress on the joints.

    3. Competitive or elite level activities– These include intense activities that require  training and skill. These exercises include marathon running and competitive gymnastics.

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