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Importance of packaging machine in food industry?


    Importance of packaging machine in food industry?

    Knee pain is a common condition which we see in people of the older age group.People usually assume that their knee pain is emanating from their knee joints. However, that is not the case always. Yes, it could be due to a knee condition but it could also be caused due to a problem in your disc. If that is the case, you will need a physiotherapist. If physiotherapy doesn’t work out, you might have to consult a spine surgeon. Of course you can avail the opportunity of knee replacement if everything else fails to work out.

    Spine and Knee Pain

    The nerves located in the lower back  help in transmitting the sensation of pain to the legs and feet . when we age or incur any injury, the discs located between the vertebrae  bulge out and press the nerves resulting in pain.

    The pain might have a different location depending upon the disc which is protruding. The magnitude of the pain varies with  the amount of pressure the disc puts on the nerve.


    The patient will experience the following symptoms:-

    • Pain in the front portion of the  thigh
    • Pain in the  knee joint
    • The sensation of numbness or tingling in the thigh area
    • Weakness in the quadriceps muscles or hips
    • In case you experience any of these symptoms, it is necessary to see a doctor


    Knee pain due to spinal nerve compression can be treated with surgery, but it should be considered only after exhausting all the alternative methods.

    Physical therapy is quite beneficial in such cases and must be considered for the treatment. The therapy for this purpose must include stretching and  strengthening exercises for the back.

    Continuing with the exercises which centralize your pain will help you become pain-free in less time. You will also be able to resume your normal activity with the therapy. In case physiotherapy shows improvement, then you must follow your postural correction exercises and strategies specified by the physical therapist.  It will help in keeping the pressure off the compressed nerve.

    If, however, the spine movements do not affect your knee pain, then the Mackenzie Method may be used to find out the cause of the pain.  So don’t forget to consult a physiotherapist if you experience pain in the knee. It might help avoid the physical pain and expenditure of undergoing surgery.

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