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Is Spine Contusion That Serious That It Requires For Spine Surgery?


    Is Spine Contusion That Serious That It Requires For Spine Surgery?

    The spinal cord is a major and prominent part of the human body, which helps in establishing the connection between the brain and the rest of the body. It carries all the messages and signals from the core part of the mind and generally consists of vertebrae, which act as a protection layer of the spinal cord. The structure of the spinal cord is mainly tube like and is not considered much robust, that’s why a normal injury to the spinal cord can cause some serious issues. As it helps in balancing the things between brain and body, any injury can destroy the sequence of operations, which normally carry out with the help of the cord, resulting in making functions of the body imperfect.

    Spine Contusion | Symptoms And Treatment

    One of the common injuries of the spinal cord is spine contusion where a bruise like blood vessel starts forming due to the breakage of vertebrae. This injury is a serious issue and if not treated well then it can cause a disruption in making a connection with the brain and can affect reflex actions also.
    The spine contusion is often regarded as compression of the spinal cord, but these two terms are not connected way fully because compression occurs when a person experiences any abrupt pressure on his or her spinal cord. Mainly when contusion injures the spine, the physical ability of human involving sitting, ability to use the hands are all affected, as the bruise causes hindrance in the passage of nerves which are responsible for the functions of the body.


    ● The symptoms of spinal cord injury involve numbness in the body, not feeling sensations and this injury, in general, make its impact on an upper side or lower side of the spine.
    ● Spinal cord injury also leads to spinal trauma which has signs of experiencing heart and pulse rate problems, not being able to remember anything, shortness in breathing and trouble in concentration.
    ● Some of the injuries are so serious that it makes person’s ability to stand and walk inactive.

    When you are facing these kinds of symptoms, it is advisable to immediately seek a doctor because if the contusion is major then the doctor will include spine surgery in the treatment.

    Types of Spine Surgeries

    • The damages which are more serious often end via treatment with spine surgery, which differs in operations. The spine surgery which involves infusion is called spinal fusion.
    • In this kind of spine surgery, the fusion of vertebrae is done, that means the surgeon will make the connection between two or more vertebrae in order to reduce deformity occurring through any accident or gradually developing with the old age.
    • Talking about spine surgeries, one of the surgery is endoscopic spine surgery. This kind of surgery is done with the help of an endoscope and that is why it goes by the name of Endoscopic Spine Surgery which involves the use of small incisions. This surgery is considered more beneficial as it requires less time and approach. On the day of surgery, the person is allowed to go home after getting operated. But to fully recover, the person is advised to take rest for four to five weeks.
      Many surgeons prefer this endoscopic spine surgery to the open surgery as it requires less time and with the help of videos and the latest advancement in medical equipment, it is more applicable to deal with the tissues and nerves of the cord. Sometimes it also depends upon the nature of the injury. This surgery is also called by the name Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery as it causes less pain to the patients and takes less time for recovery.

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