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Is the problem of Arthritis Contagious?


    Is the problem of Arthritis Contagious?

    Arthritis is a disease that results in swelling, stiffness, and pain in the joints. Joints help the body to move properly and it contains synovial fluid. This disease acts like a lubricate which helps in moving the knee easily. But is the arthritis problem contagious, read the given topic to learn more.

    People often think that if they come in contact with the person who has arthritis will they also get it. If you are diagnosed with the problem then you might have this question in your mind that whether it will get transmitted to another person. You might have reactive arthritis which occurs after infection and you might be worried that your family member can get it.

    Arthritis Is Not Contagious

    • In short, it is ‘NO’ arthritis is not infectious. The infectious disease means it gets spread with contact with bodily discharge or touching an object which is touched by the infected person. But, when you are facing the arthritis problem then it is not infectious in any way.
    • Arthritis most ordinary types are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. They do not get triggered because of fungus, virus, or bacteria. The occurrence pattern does not match infectious diseases. So, there is no need to worry about getting the problem from someone who is dealing with arthritis issues.
    • There are few types which develop because of immune reaction following an infection or joint infection. But, arthritis won’t spread from one person to person.

    But, keep in mind that if you are facing joint pain in excess then consulting the ortho doctor at the right time is very essential. They will diagnose the condition and give you a reliable plan for arthritis treatment.

    Reactive and Infectious Arthritis

    Infectious and reactive arthritis are the 2 types that are infectious but as compared to other types that are not infectious in any way. Reactive type disorder can not pass onto another person. But it might be possible that the bacteria which triggers arthritis can pass to another person. It develops after respiratory problems or sexually transmitted infections.

    Septic and Viral Arthritis

    The organisms resulting in septic arthritis travel through joint through surgery, injury, or blood. In this case, contact with another person won’t spread the problem. However, if the organism is present in the body they might get transmitted in the same manner.

    Risk factors of Arthritis

    If the risk factors are the same as your friends or relatives then you are at increased risk of getting the disease. It includes obesity, joint injury, infection, age, occupation, gender, genetics, family history, and smoking. The problem won’t spread to another person but make sure you seek the help of the doctor to know how you can control the condition.

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