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What are the topmost professional tips which help to keep your spine healthy?


    What are the topmost professional tips which help to keep your spine healthy?

    To understand the reason behind strained muscles, spinal stenosis, or herniated disc it needs time. You need to get a proper diagnosis and treatment from an experienced doctor. Once your health is evaluated the surgeon will let you know whether your condition needs spine surgery.

    • Make sure to let the spine rest while sleep

    While you are resting, the spine structure will get the rest it needs. It is that time of the day which helps you to relax and you will feel rejuvenated. You should use this time the most. Use pillows and a mattress that helps your spine to get the right support and you will feel comfortable.

    • Keep the spine naturally aligned

    For the problem of back pain, you should keep a pillow under the knees to relieve pressure. You should keep a pillow so that between the knees the hips are balanced. In some cases, people can get relief by keeping a neck pillow that supports the cervical spine.

    • Increase the strength of back and abs muscles

    The lower back and abdomen core muscles need to be strong and supple so that they take the pressure and support the spine. But due to our daily routine, it is not used that much. It is important to tone them with targeted exercises. You should consult the spine doctor to understand which exercise will improve your condition.

    • Wear the right types of shoes

    When you walk or exercise your lower back must get the right support. When you wear the right type of shoes the body and spine will be correctly aligned. Do not wear anything which is not comfortable.

    • Get massage

    You should get a massage as it provides various benefits to connective tissues, loosening tight muscles, and increasing blood flow. The massage should not be vigorous to be soothing and some of the research has shown that you should do moderate-level massage to get relief.

    • Limit the total sitting time

    The lower spine disc is loaded when you sit or stand. If you sit for too long or stand for a long time, it will make the back pain problem worse. If your job includes sitting in one place or you need to work on a computer screen, then your body will naturally lean forward and slouch. It is imperative to keep your posture correct so that the back is supported. From time to time you need to stretch and walk around. If you are talking on the phone then you should get up and walk. If your spine is moving then it won’t face any problem, so make sure it is healthy.

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