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Knee Arthroscopy Surgery : Benefits And How To Prepare For Surgery


    Knee Arthroscopy Surgery : Benefits And How To Prepare For Surgery

    Knee arthroscopy is a knee surgery that the surgeon performs to detect and correct while detection any issue found within the knee using a surgical device known as an arthroscope. This surgical procedure is less intrusive as it does not involve many cuts on the skin. This surgery is gaining ground because it generally takes one hour to complete.

    Advantages of knee arthroscopy

    This knee replacement surgery has several pros.

    1. It helps to find out various issues with the knee such as:

    • Damaged cartilage
    • Unending pain and stiffness in the joints
    • Any unnecessary building up of fluid which must be drained
    • Floating pieces of bone or cartilage

    2. It is also beneficial to go for arthroscopic surgery for the treatment of the knee joint as it causes:

    • reduction in the number of stitches after the procedure
    • reduced chance of infection as there are smaller cuts
    • less damage to the tissue
    • much less pain after the knee surgery
    • it requires very less time to heal

    Preparation for the surgery

    Prior preparation before the surgery is necessary which may involve:

    1. the help of someone to stay with the patient for 24 hours after the surgery
    2. the help of somebody to drive home after getting relieved from the hospital because the patient cannot drive on his own after the surgery
    3. taking off from work. The person undergoing the surgery should ask this beforehand to the surgeon and accordingly get the medical leave sanctioned from office
    4. pre-informing the doctor and discussing with him about allergy from any medicine or having any infection to anesthesia or even having any scar, rash, or infection surrounding the knee
    5. putting on easy-to-wear and removing clothes which are loose and comfortable and preferably made of cotton fabric
    6. fasting a night before the surgery. This means eating up 6 to 8 hours before the surgery or as prescribed by the doctor
    7. carrying the medicines which the person takes in routine for any other ailment or medical condition and telling the doctor about the same too

    Overall, arthroscopy surgery for the healing of knee issues is a very effective surgery with minimal recovery time and causes fewer incisions in the patients. However, not every knee issue falls under the per view of the surgery, and this may not help individuals suffering from degenerative diseases or osteoarthritis.

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