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Are you able to do enjoy life post knee replacement, also?


Are you able to do enjoy life post knee replacement, also?

It’s pretty hard to survive with a severe knee pain, not much of therapies work, so finally only knee replacement can come to your rescue. People going for this therapy have mostly had a very bad time with their knees; mostly it’s an injury to the knee that they have suffered, or else any other medical condition due to which their knee aches. Sometimes the person has so much pain that it severely affects their daily routine, hence the only way left out is replacing the knee, at all costs.

In case of thinking of having a knee replaced, the first thing to do is to book an appointment with the doctor, who will advise on alternatives available.

The first knee replacement was held in 1968, since then, the knee replacement has become a very common thing to be performed by surgeons all over, but the best place to get a knee replacement in Jalandhar. The process nothing but removing the damage and worn out knee joints and then getting them replaced with an artificial joint, made with metal and plastic.

On the journey of betterment

The knee replacement recovery times depend on factors like age, fitness level, and medical conditions. But, the doctors, advise going mobile as early as possible, post-surgery. So, it is quite normal to see a patient who has just had a surgery walking around the hospital with support.

A short while post surgery

  • Taking the help of walking aids, you should be able to walk around the house.
    • Taking the help of a physiotherapist, and with the exercise programme for long-term benefits, you must work on it religiously.
  • There may be some swelling around the operation site as well as around your ankles and feet, but as you become more mobile this should subside. Application of ice may help in the meantime. Some swelling may be found in the area where surgery was performed, along with ankles and feet, keeping your moving will help reduce this, application of ice will also help in a great way.

Some months post surgery.

As your pain starts to subside, you will be feeling more mobile and active. Doing exercise will also help in strengthening muscles around the new knee joint, as well as benefitting in the overall physical and mental fitness.

The new knee can last up to 20 years (if not more), so you can move about with it, without any hassle.

The knee replacement cost in Jalandhar is much lesser than anywhere else.

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