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Lifestyle Changes to Counter Gout


    Lifestyle Changes to Counter Gout

    Gout problem is a type of arthritis that results in pain, inflammation, and swelling of the joints. No doubt, different food options can help to prevent the symptoms along with some certain lifestyle changes. This guide will inform you about the essential lifestyle changes to stop the gout problem.


    Gout is an arthritis type which is caused by uric acid in the blood. Excess uric acid is caused by fluid buildup around the joints which forms uric acid crystals. With the formation of these crystals, the joints can swell and get inflamed which results in intense pain.

    Well, do not worry as you can control gout. Along with gout treatment, you can make certain lifestyle changes to prevent painful attacks. Given below are some of the lifestyle changes recommended by our ortho doctor.

    Lifestyle changes you can make


    • Keep your body weight normal


    Patients with the problem of gout and excess weight are at increased risk of a gout attack. This is because excess weight can increase insulin resistance. It means the body is not able to remove the sugar from the blood. With insulin resistance, the uric acid level also arises.

    But, yes crash dieting is not helpful then you need to lose weight. Research has shown that when you eat very less the risk of gout is increased.


    • Follow a Proper Exercise Regime


    Exercise is another way to prevent gout attacks. It not only helps to keep the weight stable but it also helps to lower down the uric acid level. One of the studies has found that men who ran 5 miles have 50% fewer chances to reduce the gout risk.


    • Reduce Alcohol intake


    Alcohol is a common trigger for gout attacks. With the consumption of alcohol, the body is not able to remove other uric acid and it starts forming crystals in the body.

    One of the studies was done on people who drink alcohol, liquor, and beer. It was found that all of them were at increased risk of gout. Consuming 1 to 2 beverages increased risk by 36% and 2 to 4 beverages increased the risk by 51%.


    • Keep your body hydrated


    When your body gets an adequate amount of water the uric acid is removed from the blood. If you are following an exercise regime then it’s even more essential to drink plenty of water.


    • Take Vitamin C supplement


    Vitamin C supplement helps to lower the uric acid level. But, yes research on its effectiveness is still going on before making any strong conclusion.

    In case, the symptoms are not getting in control then you need medical help. Make sure, you get the arthritis treatment from the best doctor.

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