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Link Between Knee Pain and Back?


Link Between Knee Pain and Back?

Osteoarthritis is explained as a kind of arthritis that results in back pain. If you suffer from lower back pain then it directly affects the hips or knees. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the connection between the knee pain and back in detail.

Several individuals expect that if they suffer from knee pain then it due to the knee joint problem. However, this knee pain can not occur always from the knee joint. While this discomfort can also be due to the disc protrusion or a pinched nerve in your lower back. If you have such a problem then you should consult a proficient ortho doctor, he is going to examine the root cause behind your problem and treat accordingly. In certain cases, when the condition is severe then the doctor recommends knee replacement.

How the Spine results in Knee Pain?

The nerves which transfer the pain sensation to the legs and feet are situated in the lower back. This issue occurs with age or due to any injury, the discs between the vertebrae can hump out and put pressure on these nerves.

When this condition occurs, the nerve sends a pain signal and you become irritated.The pain severity depends on how much of the disc is having pressure on the nerve.

This state can be diagnosed by your doctor through X Rays. If the nerve which travels from your thigh and knee is pinched or you may feel some symptoms which includes:-

  • Weakness in your hip
  • quadriceps muscles
  • Numbness or pain in your thigh
  • Pain in the front of your thigh
  • Knee pain


Treating knee pain which is happened due to the compression in the spinal nerve or irritation in the spinal nerves then it can be treated with surgery, but it is not advisable to think about surgery until or unless you have severe symptoms. If you are not getting desired results then only you can refer to the surgery.

A conventional approach is normally favored by the masses. The use of Steroid injections is required which declines the inflammation around the root of the nerve. But you should not consider them as your first treatment plan.

Physical therapy is also the treatment plan for the patients which is central and considers interventions like core strengthening and the back stretching exercises.

In other words, if you perform back to exercise as it is recommended by your therapist and you feel pain in the spine,then your knee joint is also going to be suffered directly.

If you perform regular exercises as per the recommendation of the doctor then also you are not getting any result and suffers from pain and swelling or irritation then you should undergo knee replacement treatment to get permanent relief by choosing the best doctor.

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