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In the sedentary lifestyle oriented world, it is common to hear about back pain even among the youngsters and teenagers. To get rid of this back pain there is need to have an appropriate lifestyle and eating habits along with effective treatment. For any person there can be two approaches for treatment depending upon his problem one can be surgical treatment and other can be conservative or nonsurgical treatment approach.

If you are on the initial track of back pain problem then it can be good for you to opt conservative treatment course to reduce your pain, for conditioning of your lower back and to manage the immediate issue associated with back pain like sleeplessness, discomfort or depression.

What is a conservative treatment option?

What is a conservative treatment option?

Your course for treatment is conservative if it is non-invasive means you are taking some medications or less invasive when you are going for some injections or chiropractic manual manipulation. Duration of the conservative treatment course totally depends on your extent of the problem.

But if you are feeling persistent legs pain from the period of time even after taking medicines then it means conservative approach is failed for you.  Even if you are having the following issue then also conservative approach is not for you

You lose bowel or bladder control and having progressive weakness in your legs then you cannot take conservative treatment as the first option as you need immediate medical help.

What is surgical treatment option

What is a surgical treatment option?

In most of the cases back pain can be treated non surgically but if you are on the extreme point of your lower back pain then surgery is the only option for you. If the cause of the pain is not identified then surgery is not advisable.

However, surgery is quite safe and result oriented but the patient may feel little discomforts arise after surgery. The patient is advised for a few days bed rest to reduce the muscle spasm and allow the back to rest but excessive bed rest can also weaken your muscles that provide support to your spine. However, in the surgical option microsurgery is performed but a patient may feel mild pain and discomfort during and after surgery.

But the patient must remember one thing treatment option can be any of two but he will be advisable for bed rest for few days to revive your back pain and give you best treatment results with any treatment approach. However, in some cases, both the approaches are combined to eliminate the back pain problem.

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