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What is a Lumbar Herniated disc? What are the symptoms of a lumbar herniated disc?


    What is a Lumbar Herniated disc? What are the symptoms of a lumbar herniated disc?

    Lumbar Herniated disc Treatment and Surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab

    What is a Lumbar Herniated Disc?

    The Lumbar herniated disc is triggered when the spinal disc herniates or ruptures. The herniated disc can even occur in the neck or mid-back areas of the spine. The occurrence is common at the age of 25 to 55.

    The disc is ruptured as it depends on the disc’s nature. The simple wear and tear are going to result in degenerative disc disease. In simple terms, you can say that with age, the disc has started to break down, and the occupation you do will also make a difference in your overall health.

    The liquid present in the disc is going to come on one side of the disc and this results in a bulging disc which leads to herniated or ruptured disc. With age, the problem of dehydration increases which makes the condition worse.

    If you are having problems in excess then you need to consult the medical health expert on time and get a proper understanding of whether your condition is improved with spine surgery.


    What are the possible risk factors?

    Some of the possible risk factors which increase the risk are age, occupation, gender, obesity, and smoking. Your spine doctor will make you understand better what suits your condition the best.


    Signs and Symptoms of Lumbar Herniated Disc

    If you suffer from a lumbar herniated disc, then you do not have any symptom or have more than one symptom. Keep a watchful eye on the symptoms and inform the doctor about the same.

    • Sciatica

    Lumbar herniated discs are a common reason behind sciatica or the sciatica nerve getting compressed. This nerve reaches the back and if pressed then you can have leg pain which can even reach the calves, feet, hamstrings, or buttock.

    • Local pain

    One of the topmost symptoms is pain on the problematic site. In some cases, the pain is dull, and it can be sharp sometimes. The range of pain is different for every person.

    • Muscle weakness

    If the herniated disc is pressed against the nerve which helps to control the muscle movement can have a weakness. It is important to get medical help as early as possible if you have pain in the rectum or groin. It can result in permanent paralysis that is termed as cauda equina syndrome.

    • Nerve Dysfunction

    Lumbar herniated discs can even pinch the sciatica nerve. If that happens, then it results in numbness, tingling sensation in the lower body, electric jolt, or burning sensation.

    • Foot drop

    Foot drop is a special type of muscle weakness that happens when the muscle foot becomes weak due to nerve impingement. The patient has difficulty in picking up the football from the toes.

    Around 90% of the symptoms with lumbar disc herniation will go away within 6 months.

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