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Max Bupa Cashless Insurance

Best for Treatment,Better for Its Employees

If we look around, we can see several people suffering from problems which require orthopedic intervention. It is common to see old people suffering from severe have joint pain. Increasing age and a diet poor in calcium contribute to the prevalence of such conditions. Other factors like lack of vitamin D, less exercise, an internal injury may also contribute to the same. If you or someone you know is suffering from this condition and the medicines don’t seem to provide any relief, it is time to see an orthopedic surgeon. The best one will definitely be at Kalyan hospital. The clinic offers the best orthopedic care and surgical treatment in Ludhiana.

Recently, the MAX BUPA program was organized at the center. The agenda was to create an awareness about  max bupa cashless insurance to its employees.


  • It goes on to signify that the clinic cares for its employees as much as it does for its prized clientele.
  • The employees can avail up to 25 lakh rupees insurance.
  • The package includes up to 10 medical consultations for free.
  • Annual health check-ups of up to 5000 can be availed according to this scheme. It covers the expenses of pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalization phase. The same is true for home health care services.
  • If the service is availed by you before you turn 35, you are eligible for 10 % lifetime discount.
  • One can also avail Health coach facility which means you can avail a fitness program.
  • It also provides the facility of a second opinion so that you can cross-check the facts with another doctor.