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Most Common Causes of Hip Pain in women


    Most Common Causes of Hip Pain in women

    Hip pain has become a major problem in women along with other chronic pain. When trying to analyze the pain, it is very essential to determine the right cause so that you can get the best treatment course. This guide will give you an insight into the most common causes of hip pain in women.


    When you visit the ortho doctor for the hip pain,  he will confirm the exact reason for the pain. At times, women have hip pain but it is actually in the upper buttock, lower back, or upper thigh. Hip pain is felt in the outside of the hip or the groin or might be directly on the hip joint.

    In case, the hip pain is severe that you are not able to do your daily work properly then you need to seek medical help right away. In some cases, the doctor might suggest the patient get the hip replacement

    Common causes of hip pain

    When you visit our doctor, he will consider your age, overall health, and immunity level. No doubt, the patient aged 20 and 60 will have different causes and needs to get the best treatment course.

    • Hip Fracture

    Hip fracture is common in older women, especially with osteoporosis. The problem is linked with decreased bone density. Some of the symptoms are severe pain when you stand, straighten, or lift the leg.

    Additionally, the injured side will look turn out, which makes it easy for the doctor to diagnose the condition.

    • Hernia

    Hernia in the femoral, groin area, and inguinal hernias and it is also referred to as sports hernias. The inguinal hernia affects pregnant women because of the added pressure on the abdomen wall.

    • Arthritis

    Arthritis is another reason for hip pain in women and mostly due to osteoarthritis which occurs with age. The ball socket can start to wear out and the pain is felt in the groin or thigh. This can lead to joint stiffness and swelling.

    • Tendinitis and Bursitis

    Around the hip, tendons connect the muscle to the joint. If you get into a strenuous working regime or overuse the tendons it can get inflamed. This problem can lead to hip pain. This problem is very common in runners.

    Another common cause is bursitis which provides a cushion to the bony part of the hip. It is possible that they can get inflamed or due to overuse the pain can increase when you move your hip.

    • Gynecological and back problem

    Pregnant women are more susceptible to hip pain and it is due to arthritis, tendinitis, or bursitis. According to your age and health condition, the doctor will give you the best treatment course.


    For detailed information, book your consultation with the doctor and get a better understanding of the problem.

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