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Myths That Revolve Around Knee Replacement Surgery


Myths That Revolve Around Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is also called knee Arthroplasty. It helps in easing out pain and also aids in restoring the functions in knees which pain severely. During the surgery, the surgeon will cut away the damaged bone part and cartilage from femur bone, tibia and also from the knee joint. It gets replaced with an artificial joint which is made from alloys of metal, plastic made of good quality along with polymers.

Though many people get knee surgery done, there are many myths which are present in the minds of people. Let us get to know about some myths which are present.

Myth – The Success Rate Of Knee Replacement Surgery Is Very Low

Many people have this embedded in their mind about knee surgery is that the success rate is very low. The success rate after knee replacement surgery is quite high. But, the success rates depend on some points, after surgery care, regular physiotherapy, following a diet prescribed by the doctor and dietitian. Many doctors ask the surgeons for doing some exercises. People are advised to take bed rest for 2 months. Straight leg exercises, nee bending, buttocks squeeze, prolonged knee stretch, hamstrings sets can bring about much relief to the patient.

Myth – It Is Very Difficult To Bend The Knee Or Sit On The Floor After Getting The Knee Replaced

This is not at all true. People can easily move their knees after getting knee replacement surgery. The joints are joined to the artificial limb and this allows the artificial joint to move, just as the original joint moves.

Myth-if The Surgery Is Not Successful, Then Chances Of Repairing The Joint Are Very Less.

If the surgery has failed once, it is better to speak with your doctor in order to go for the second surgery. The doctor will check the overall health of the patient and also do a detailed study of patients medical history after which he will check the reasons for surgery failure

Myth: Knee Replacement Does Not Last For A Long Time

Studies have proved that knee surgery can last for 20 years. But, the durability of knee replacement surgery would largely depend on the implant used and also if the patient takes care of themselves after surgery or not.

Myth: It Takes A Long Time To Recover From Surgery

Any surgery done takes time for recovery. Recovery time in knee replacement surgery is around days time. The recovery also depends on the fact that the patients take care of themselves after surgery or not. Following your doctor’s instructions will be able to lead to a faster recovery rate.

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