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Overview of Fractures in Children


    Overview of Fractures in Children

    Children are innocent and keen learners so in their curiosity to learn something new and adventurous they get injuries to their hands and wrists and these broken bones are known as fractures in children. Compared to us, children have more delicate skin and bones so they are prone to get fractures while playing r doing something adventurous. As the nature of children’s fractures is different so also their evaluation and treatment differ. Here is brief information about some causes and treatments of children’s fractures

    Cause of children’s injuries

    Mainly children get fractures due to their innocent ignorance while playing or doing any activity. Most of the children have injuries on the fingertips as sometimes their fingertips get crushed in slamming the door and sometimes due to some curiosity they put their finger in the machinery. Moreover, falling can also be other common reason for injury.


    Again due to ignorance, injuries in adult children get sustained for some time so it is important for the parents to pay attention to the injured child. If the children have not proper alignment in the finger, wrist or forearm or even they are facing difficulties in moving a finger or wrist it means they are having the fracture.

    If the fractures will be taken care at the proper time then these cannot become the case of major loss of mobility among children. Sometimes swelling and bruising also indicates about the fracture but only the X-Ray can confirm about the broken bones. Parents or elders should not ignore of the children are complaining about any kind of pain or immobility in the joint or body part as it can be fractured.


    Generally, doctors in the Pediatric Orthopedic Hospital pay extra attention and care towards the broken bones of the child if the fractures or wounds are given attention then these can get healed quickly as the healing power of children is more and faster in children as compared to adults.

    Casting or splinting can be used for broken fingers, wrists, or hands to treat broken bones. If the broken bone is not get recovered, then these are set by manual manipulation by the doctor. For severe fractures, doctors set the broken bones by resetting the fracture, metal plate, screws, pins, and rods so that proper support can be given to the bone to set it in the original position.

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