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Recovery After A Knee Replacement Surgery: This Will Be Part of Your Experience


Recovery After A Knee Replacement Surgery: This Will Be Part of Your Experience

Whatever you may see after your total knee replacement surgery may be shocking, but the good news is that you will be briefed about it before the surgery. It is common to have swelling after the surgery, which may seem like 10 pounds had been added on the treated leg.

You will see stitches, staples, dressings, and pain is certainly common for every patient. However, the degree of pain differs and that is where more emphasis must be put. The nurses will advise you to report the different degrees of pain in order to provide treatment accordingly.

The Would-be Experiences

Here are three would be experiences you must bear in mind before and after your knee replacement surgery.


Pain after a knee replacement surgery is normal, but don’t let it govern your recovery period. The nurse will come to check on you every hour after the surgery and also ask about your pain and the Percocet dripping will also be adjusted.

Some patients may experience a reaction to a narcotic with loss of appetite, nausea, and headache. In case your pain increases, the doctor and the nurse will suggest a different combination of painkillers. This can be codeine + acetaminophen.


Every patient must undergo physical therapy, but it all begins at the hospital before being discharged. An hour after your surgery, you may be able to walk around depending on the type of knee replacement surgery you underwent.

As you are being discharged, you will have to walk into your car, climb stairs with a walker in order for the doctor to evaluate your response to the surgery.

You will also have to begin your physical therapy session as discussed with the surgeon. The major aim of having physical therapy is to prevent the formation of a scar tissue. This will also help you attain stability and mobility in your new knee.

Undermining your physical therapy may lead you to a second knee replacement surgery in order to remove the scar tissue.


You must exercise patience as it takes time to live pain-free, walk steadily without any help, and even return to your previous duties. Gradually, you will find that you can do the household chores or go to the gym in the first 7 weeks of your surgery.

It should be noted that some patients even take an entire year to fully be healed. So, it is important to always remember the surgeon’s words so that you don’t get stressed out.

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