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Relationship between Joint Pain and Obesity


Relationship between Joint Pain and Obesity

Several people are suffering from obesity that is further associated with certain other health conditions. You may not know that being overweight also leads you to joint pain. If you are suffering from joint pain due to obesity, then you must talk to a specialist in order to get the right treatment according to your condition.

Millions of people are struggling to get rid of overweight, which is further associated with a certain type of health condition. You may not be aware of it that being overweight also affects your joints since our joints carry the weight of our bodies. If you are obese then it will surely affect your joints badly. It may affect your ability to walk or perform day-to-day activities. Well, a recent study reveals that even small changes in your weight lead you to joint pain and stiffness as well.

In this condition, you have to talk to an ortho doctor, so that you can get the appropriate treatment according to your condition. He examines you first so that he can understand what type of problem you have. Only after that, he may recommend you the arthritis treatment.

The relation between Obesity and Arthritis

Arthritis is explained as joint stiffness and pain as well. This can be caused due to several factors such as old age, certain health conditions, and being overweight. In which being overweight is the main cause of arthritis condition in both sexes. You need to understand that arthritis is completely associated with your body weight. If you have a high body mass index (BMI), then you will surely get arthritis problems even at a young age. In addition to this, undergoing joint replacement at a younger age is not an option and it is a complicated treatment for younger ones.

Does weight loss help to get rid of joint pain?

Well, yes but not properly, it will help you to get rid of severe pain due to arthritis condition. In addition to this, you need to go with joint pain treatment, that will give you permanent relief. Or you must try a certain type of exercise at home but under the observation of expert or professional. In addition, you must try to maintain a healthy weight according to your BMI index mass.

Obesity may Complicate your Surgical treatment

In order to get joint replacement surgery, you have to maintain a healthy weight. It will help you to recover faster and give you permanent relief from joint problems. Additionally, being overweight increases your chances of experiencing side effects of a surgical procedure such as infection, blood clots, and so on. To reduce the risk of complications you must maintain a healthy weight. It will also help you to reduce the risk of joint problems as well.

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