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Research states Running is Good for Knees


    Research states Running is Good for Knees

    There is no doubt, we all want to look fit and stay healthy. For this, people opt for different methods like exercise, yoga, swimming, and running. One of the studies showed that running actually helps in improving the health and functioning of joints. In this guide, we will let you how running is helpful for the knees.

    Nowadays people are more focused on health. This is the reason, you will see people visiting the gym, going for a swimming class, maintaining a healthy diet, and running.

    Well, if you are a runner you might be worried what effect will it leave on the knees. But, research has shown that running actually helps in reducing the inflammation in the knee joint.

    What impact does running leave on knees?

    The researchers have shown that running helps in protecting the knees in the long run and protect against harmful diseases like arthritis.

    One of the new findings by an associate professor Matt Seeley, Ph.D., said that ‘It is a myth that running long-distance will leave a bad impact on the knee.’

    • To test this story, different fluid samples were taken from the knee joints of healthy women & men between the ages of 18 to 35. The samples were taken before and after 30 minutes of running. They measured the synovial fluid for protein which helps in indicating whether inflammation is present or not.
    • It was found that after 30 minutes of running both of the proteins went down. This means it actually helped in decreasing the inflammation in the knees.
    • To check the other factors, researchers took the fluid samples before & after 30 minutes when they were seating. After the test, it was found that there was no change in the protein level.
    • Another small story published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology compared around 6 participants before and after samples. According to them, the results were only based for 30 minutes which cannot tell about the long time results.
    • The running actually is chondroprotective which means it helps in improving the joint disease. The ortho doctor does suggest that it will improve the long-term health of the joint.
    • This is also true that women are at high risk of getting traumatic sports injuries. This is the reason, it is essential to get the arthritis treatment at the right time will help to protect the cartilage between the bones.

    According to studies, doing exercise is a type of medicine which benefit the individual health in the long-run. So, you should do strength training and weight-bearing exercise as it will keep the working of joints proper. In case, you face extreme pain then you should consult the doctor as they will help you find the exact cause and give you the treatment.

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