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What are the major signs and symptoms of a dislocated hip health problem?


    What are the major signs and symptoms of a dislocated hip health problem?


    Dislocated Hip: You need to learn the signs and types of treatment a hip specialist can offer you to get started on a rapid and safe road to recovery. To get the effective treatment you need to consult the best orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon makes sure to give you customized treatment by visiting spine surgery hospital in Ludhiana. 


    What is Hip Dislocation?

    The hip dislocation issue occurs when the femoral head of the thigh bone gets pushed backward or forward from the hip bone socket. This results in causing the ligaments, nerves, muscles, and labrum along with other tissues holding the bone to get damaged or it can get injured.

    The patients with this condition experience extreme pain and they are not able to move the leg. The leg position can appear as abnormal when compared to the opposite side of the body. Patients can experience loss of feeling in the ankle or foot due to nerve damage. Some of the additional symptoms are:

    • Limping
    • Abnormal warmth around the hip
    • Groin pain
    • Difficulty sleeping on the hip


    What is the major cause of hip dislocation?

    Car accidents are the common cause of hip dislocation because the knee gets hit to the dashboard which results in a collision. This force will make the thigh backward, forcing the ball head of the femur out of the hip socket. If there is a fall from the significant height then it makes the hip to dislocate. People who play sports face this problem more often specifically like hockey and football which can make the hip dislocate.


    Getting the diagnosis

    In this case, the imaging studies are needed to check the dislocation and look for additional injuries that need to be covered. The hip specialist will do a thorough exam to check any type of injured.


    Hip Dislocation Treatment

    Hip Dislocations can be treated without any long-term complications if managed and diagnosed early. Typically, the patient’s hip will be manipulated back into its place while they are slightly sedated. You should not wait for a long time to consult the surgeon because this can make the problem worse. This is referred to as reduction. The doctor will ask you to have another set of CT scans or X-rays to confirm that the bones are in the right position following the surgery.

    Further treatment is needed if you injure the tissues or labrum which surrounds the hip because of the dislocation and the doctor can suggest a hip arthroscopy. The treatment is minimally invasive in which there is the use of a small camera to check the hip joint.

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