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Some Facts About Osteoarthritis Of The Knee Pain


    Some Facts About Osteoarthritis Of The Knee Pain

    The patients who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis have different questions in their mind regarding the entire treatment. Some patient might have different questions, but the most common facts about osteoarthritis treatment In Punjab are mentioned below.


    • The most common type of Arthritis


    You are not alone who is facing the problem of osteoarthritis. The problem is common for the people who are above the age of 25. so, you can say that this problem is basically related to the age factor.


    • Referred to as Degenerative Arthritis


    This problem is caused by progressive damage and wear-and-tear of the joints. The damage affects the structure around the joints. Eventually, the symptoms will change as the problem increases. The most common symptoms are pain and inflammation. Due to this, the movement of the joints is limited. Some of the other symptoms are the degenerative process, joint infusion, accumulation of fluid. It even causes overgrowth of the bone in some cases which is commonly referred to as bone spurs.


    • More prevalent among older people


    Around 70% of people who are older than 70 are suffering from the issue. But only half of them are aware that they have the problem. Additionally, half of the time there no symptoms. For this, the only way is to get an X-ray which can show the damaged joint.


    • Treatment options


    The doctor will recommend your treatment options from the following options.

    • Exercise
    • Weight control
    • Joint protection methods
    • Surgery
    • Physical Therapy
    • Arthritis Medications
    • Complementary


    • Risk factor associated with the Osteoarthritis


    The most common risk factors are muscle weakness, age, obesity, injury, family history, or overuse of a particular joint. There are some diseases also which can increase the risk too much such as rheumatoid arthritis, hemochromatosis (excess amount of iron), and acromegaly (produces too much growth hormone during adulthood). It is better to consult a doctor at the right time before the problem gets worse.


    • Commonly affected joints


    The problem of osteoarthritis will be located in the knees, hip, or spine as they support your weight. If the person is overweight the damage and pain will be more in the joints. It also affects the fingers; the person will notice swelling in the joints close to the fingers and this problem is known as Heberden’s nodes.


    • Early diagnosis is important for effective results


    It is very important to see the doctor when you notice the early symptoms of osteoarthritis. Starting the treatment early will help you get faster recovery. The doctor will check your medical history, order X-rays to see the problem in joints and sometimes you may need a blood test also.

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