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Steps to Cope Up With Chronic Knee pain


Steps to Cope Up With Chronic Knee pain

Anyone who has suffered from severe pain in the knee will surely know how unbearable the pain becomes, sometimes. They will also tell you that they will do anything to cure the pain. The severe pain commonly known as chronic pain is caused by the damage, caused to the tissues which are below the knee cap.

You will that you are suffering from this problem if you have unbearable pain while getting up from bed or chair, climbing stairs, running is all the more difficult and painful.

Is Surgery The Cure?

Yes, knee pain surgery is a cure for people having unbearable knee pain. During the surgery, the surgeon inserts a tool inside the knee. This is done so that the surgeons come to know of the problem and then it becomes easy for them to get it cured.

Some people do not like to get the surgery done. Because according to them, the pain can go away from making lifestyle changes. Let us see a few lifestyle changes:

Aim to remove extra weight.

Extra weight puts pressure on the knees. Hence, first of all aim to remove the extra weight from your body by losing weight. You can start losing weight by having a healthy diet. Drinking fluids also help in losing weight. Avoid having junk and starchy food.

Take rest at short breaks.

Before starting to do any heavy work, try to do a little bit of warm up. You must build your muscles in the first place. Doing heavy work can lead to further putting pressure on your knees, thus adding on to the damage already build up. In case you are fond of exercising, make sure you first warm up your body.

Take baby steps

The best method of doing any exercise is by taking baby steps( by baby steps is meant taking small steps at a time). Exerting will only lead you to hurt yourself all the more.

Keep your posture straight

Many people have the habit of slouching while doing any work, be it sitting or standing. Always aim to keep your posture straight. Standing or sitting straight will put less pressure on your knees and also help the condition from getting worse.

Getting pain relief is important

 The person suffering from unbearable knee pain has to learn to find things which give pain relief. There are many medicines which are used for knee pain treatment, consult your doctor about the same.

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