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Successful Knee Replacement At Kalyan Hospital


    Successful Knee Replacement At Kalyan Hospital

    Pain in both knees, especially in old age, can be a sign of bilateral knee pain. The condition can cause stiffness, swelling after an activity, slow movement, pain after inactivity and furthermore, if not treated on time. The condition interrupts your everyday routine due to severe pain and stiffness, which also leads to mental stress. Therefore, it is essential to get medical attention as soon as you see signs of a bilateral knee.

    In this video, the patient Sharanjeet Kaur talks about the pain and discomfort she was experiencing due to bilateral surgery. The patient contacted the Kalyan Hospital due to pain in the knees and was diagnosed with bilateral surgery. 

    The doctors, after assessing her condition, performed a bilateral knee replacement surgery to solve her mobility and severe pain issues. The successful surgery and remarkable results satisfied the patient.

    Earlier, the patient was not able to move without pain and required extra support to walk. However, after the bilateral knee replacement surgery at Kalyan Hospital, the patient is able to move without any pain or discomfort and does not require any support to walk.

    The doctors at Kalyan Hospital provided comprehensive information to the patient about her condition to address all her concerns and fears and offer a solution that would suit her the best. The successful surgery improved her movement, and now she is able to get back to her normal routine without any interruptions. 

    Health problems can affect several aspects of your life. Therefore, it is crucial to contact Kalyan Hospital to treat your health with the care you deserve.

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