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Successful Surgery For Cervical Meningioma At Kalyan Hospital


Successful Surgery For Cervical Meningioma At Kalyan Hospital

Physical pain without the impact of an external focus can happen at any time in your body due to specific reasons. These issues can cause interruptions in an individual’s everyday routine, preventing them from completing any task with ease. Due to ignorance, the pain can increase and result in numbness of the whole body, causing the individuals to stay bedridden for a long time.

In this video, patient Manish experienced pain below the neck. Due to ignorance, the pain spread to the legs and arms, which led them to stay in bed for complete bed rest. With the increasing pain, the patient contacted Kalyan Hospital. The doctors at Kalyan Hospital were able to identify the patient with Cervical Meningioma after a thorough assessment. The doctors performed surgery to relieve the patient from extreme pain. The results of the surgery were highly effective as they improved the patient’s condition by up to 90%, and after proper rest, the patient will completely be able to get back to his normal routine without any obstruction from pain. One should not ignore any kind of unknown pain in the body; it may be hidden, but it is critical. Therefore, for any signs of pain in the body, contact Kalyan Hospital Today.

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