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Things You Must Do And Don’t Do If You Are Suffering From Knee Arthritis


    Things You Must Do And Don’t Do If You Are Suffering From Knee Arthritis

    Knee arthritis is one of the most common issues which makes the knee joints weak and it decreases our ability to do daily activities. You might have heard and read different ways in which you can prevent the problem from progressing further.

    • Don’t rest too much

    You should not rest for a long time as it can make the situation even worse and your muscles will get weak. You can make a schedule to do exercise daily which is safe for your knees. Either you can consult a doctor or therapist so that he can tell you which type of exercise is best for you.

    • Do ‘RICE’

    You should do Rest, Ice, Compression, and elevation. As it is very good for knee pain which is caused by either a minor injury or it is arthritis pain. You can apply ice on the knee which will reduce the swelling. Keep in mind to keep your knees elevated and for support wear a compressive bandage.

    • Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes

    You might not be aware of this, that shoes can also make the condition worse. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will put pressure on your knees if you standing for a long time. For this, use cushioned insoles as they reduce stress. If you don’t know which one will be appropriate for you then consult the therapist to guide you.

    • Consider acupuncture

    One of the best methods for arthritis treatment is acupuncture. This is a traditional form of Chinese medicine and also one of the effective methods. During the treatment, fine needles are inserted at certain points on the body, which will help you get relief from pain and another type of body pain also.

    • Don’t ignore the weight

    Your weight also affects your knee. If you are overweight, then you should consider losing weight as it will put less pressure on the knees. These small changes in the daily lifestyle will make a lot of difference.

    • Take the medications

    You should take the medications on time as prescribed by the doctor. By taking them properly and at the right time will help you do your work properly and effectively. You don’t have to take the help of others to do your work. The medicines will reduce pain and swelling.

    • Don’t do vigorous exercise

    No doubt, doing exercise will help you a lot. But putting too much pressure on the knees can hurt them and it will losses its strength instead of gaining it.

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