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Tips to help arthritis in the knee


    Tips to help arthritis in the knee

    Whether it is climbing stairs or standing up from a chair, these movements are possible with knees. The knee is the strongest and largest joint in the body. But, with arthritis it can be difficult to do the daily task with ease. In this guide, we are going to discuss the tips to help arthritis in the knee.

    If you are suffering from knee arthritis which impacts your daily life then it is essential to get in touch with our ortho doctor in India. He will diagnose the underlying cause and help to design the treatment plan to improve the condition. Moreover, he will let you know if there is a need to get a knee replacement. Till then, try some of the given tips shared by him to help with knee arthritis:

    • Apply ice for relief

    When knee pain increases, it is essential to apply the ice. If the knee pain is acute, ice can help to deal with stiffness. Try this for 20 minutes and see if this relieves the pain.

    • Follow a healthy diet

    The changes to the diet can be a great way to start with. Not only it helps to improve the overall energy but it helps your body to deal with the condition. Include the anti-inflammatory food options dark leafy greens, whole grains, and lean proteins. Some of the natural anti-inflammatory food options are tart, cherries, avocado, turmeric, and dark chocolate. Make sure, you do not consume processed food, sugar, and trans fat as they improve health and it eases the inflammation.

    • Keep a check on BMI

    If you have extra weight, then you need to reduce a few pounds. The excess weight will put pressure on the joints and it increases the pain. You will notice the difference when you keep normal body weight.

    • Avoid smoking

    Smoking affects health adversely and increases knee pain. Smoking also increases the weight and other health conditions can increase. There are high chances of mortality rate due to smoking. So, it is the best choice to quit smoking.

    • Walk daily

    You should do walking because body movement can help to maintain a healthy weight, increase power, build muscles, and benefit overall health.

    Also, make sure to wear the right kind of shoes. Start walking at a low pace and with time it will make you feel stronger. You should take someone along with you to stay motivated.

    • Start a meditative routine

    You should follow a meditative regime to ease knee pain. You should focus on breathing. Follow a yoga routine as it builds muscle and reduces body inflammation. Tai chi is another choice to improve balance, muscle strength, and increase flexibility.

    Make sure you do not put pressure on the body. Start slowly and then increase the pace. Get in touch with the doctor and he will tell you what is the best possible solution to deal with arthritis pain.

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