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What are the reasons behind foot pain and discomfort due to spine problems?


    What are the reasons behind foot pain and discomfort due to spine problems?

    Problems with the spine cause severe pain and discomfort in certain parts of the body. A series of spinal nerves traveling down your legs from your lower spine end up in your feet. When the roots of these spinal nerves are irritated or compressed, there may be foot pain that happened. Feet discomfort can also arise where a nerve is stretched near to the elbow, knee, or feet. In certain cases, if you are suffering from severe spine conditions, which affect other body parts, you need to undergo spine surgery in Ludhiana, because this is the only way to get rid of problems.

    The article discusses popular sources of foot pain and useful tips to help you identify the root of your foot pain.

    Reasons behind Foot pain caused by a spinal problem

    Nerve roots may be disturbed by a number of factors. Examples common to these include:

    • Lumbar herniated disc-: This condition is explained as a loss of an intervertebral disc’s inner contents.

    • Lumbar degenerative disc disease-: Age-related modifications that allow the disc to contract and shorten.

    • Spondylolisthesis-: A vertebra is slid over the one behind it.

    • Lumbar spinal stenosis: Narrowing of the spinal nerve and/or spinal cord openings.

    Due to these conditions, you may be unable to lift your foot front. Not only, but some people also experience difficulties while walking, this is caused due to compression of the root of the L5 nerve. Rarely, compression of the nerve roots L4 and/or S1 can also cause a drop in the foot.

    How to determine the source of your foot pain?

    For all the potential sources of foot nerve discomfort, the precise root source may be hard to determine. Here are some useful signs to help you identify your foot pain source:

    • Feet discomfort and pain after recent injuries to the lower back, shoulder, knee, or ankle may help to assess the source of nerve damage.

    • Feet pain related to the stress of the nerve root or sciatica can often be correlated with other signs such as pressure, numbness, and/or fatigue of the knees, thighs, and legs.

    • Foot pain and discomfort which is caused after wearing tight boots or shoes can indicate compression of the sural nerve near the knee or ankle.

    • Foot pain as well as discomfort that develops after hip surgery or injection may suggest sciatic neuropathy.

    • Foot nerve pain may also occur due to systemic conditions, such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis, causing nerve damage.

    • Bending, Twisting, and a direct impact on your ankle or foot can trigger foot damage to the foot bones, ankle joint, blood vessels, muscles, and/or tendons.

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