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What are the reasons for knee replacement?


    What are the reasons for knee replacement?

    People are suffering from different health-related issues, including knee-related issues. There are several reasons responsible for the knee replacement. There are several things you should take care of after the surgery of knee replacement. 


    Definition of knee replacement

    Knee replacement is a surgery that removes the damaged joint of the knee. There are four types of knee replacement surgery. 

    • Total knee replacement: Suppose a patient feels severe discomfort. At that time, doctors suggested a Total knee replacement.
    • Partial replacement: Partial replacement is also known as Unicompartmental replacement. In this replacement, the damaged portion is resurfaced with metal and plastic compounds. 
    • Kneecap replacement: Patellofemoral arthroplasty is another name for Knee replacement. The front lower end of the femur is removed in this surgery. 
    • Complex and revision knee replacement surgery: The doctors of the best Orthopedic Hospital in India suggest revision and complex surgery when there is a complication. 


    What are the reasons for the Knee replacement surgery? 

    The leading causes of knee damage are injuries, old age, and mechanical problems. 

    • ACL Injury: The ACL injury stands for Anterior cruciate ligament. A tear injury involves an ACL. ACL is one ligament from form. These ligaments connect the shinbone and thighbone. It is common in players. 
    • Fracture: Sudden falls and accidents cause fractures. The weak bone can easily get fractured. The bones become weak with Osteoporosis.
    • Torn Meniscus: It is tough and rubbery cartilage. It acts like a shock absorber between the shinbone and the thigh bone. It damages with a sudden twist while you have weight. 
    • Knee bursitis: It occurs because of Inflammation. The bursae are the small sacs that contain fluid. This fluid is a glide for the smooth tendons and ligaments. 
    • Patellar tendinitis: It is caused by irritation and Inflammation of one or more tendons. It is thick and fibrous tissue of the knee.  


    Some life adjustment tips after the knee replacement surgery

    There are several tips for adjusting your life after the surgery. 

    Working: Recovery takes some time to get back to your work after the surgery, but once you do, you will need to go back slowly to ensure that you do not hurt yourself more and disrupt the recovery process. Plan on taking a reasonable amount of time off work, and be patient as you recover.

    Traveling: Traveling can be difficult for a while because sitting in a position that allows your leg to stay stable if you are in a car and in an airplane is hard. You will also need to wait a bit before you can drive.

    Exercise: Many people do some physical therapy as part of the recovery process. Small exercises that your physical therapist gives you can be beneficial as you recover. It would help if you waited to go fully into your regular workout routine until your doctor has cleared you.


    Things to keep in your mind

    Knee replacement surgery is a significant operation. There are some adjustments you need to make in everyday life. People overlook some things in the recovery process, but it is essential to be aware of the following things.

    Dental work: After a major operation, you need to take antibiotics before you get any dental work done

    Medications: Your doctor will review which medications you should and should not take during recovery.  

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