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What are the topmost tips for Cost-Cutting Strategies for Spine Surgery?


What are the topmost tips for Cost-Cutting Strategies for Spine Surgery?

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top tips for cutting down the cost of spine surgery.


  • Surgical treatment

According to one study, it is observed that surgical treatments for patients having intervertebral discs herniation, degenerative spondylolisthesis, and spinal stenosis, etc show the best value as compared to the nonoperative treatment. Some people think that surgical treatments are more expensive which is just a myth. You can undergo spine surgery under your budget easily.


  • Consider the qualification of the orthopedic surgeon

The person who is experiencing spine problems should check the qualifications of the surgeon. It will help you in knowing whether you have consulted the best surgeon or not. If you will consult the unskilled spine surgeon then there are chances that you might get up undesired results and end up wasting your money. You should also check the experience of the surgeon. If your orthopedic surgeon is experienced, then it is worth the money because you will get the desired results and will be able to live a healthy life post-surgery.


  • Implant cost & renegotiate instrument

You will be surprised to know that instrumentation and implants are having numerous opportunities where you can cut down the cost. But the foremost step is to consider whether you need a new microscope or implant generation. If the answer is no, then you can continue to use microscopes or you can buy implants at wholesale prices.


  • Select one vendor

Every physician is not going to use the same type of implant. But it is observed that finding one good vendor and buying all the things from them will help you in reducing the cost. If you are an old customer, then he will give you huge discounts. If you will change your vendor frequently, then there are chances that he might charge you high.


  • Operating room

Minimally invasive surgery is having numerous advantages for patients. You should identify how you can increase operating room time at affordable prices because patients require less anesthesia. You can also decrease the cost by using two surgeons. The surgery will be done faster and you will be having two skilled people to do the surgery. And you will spend less time in OR.


  • Treatment protocol

Everyone present in the spine center should know the treatment protocol. It will help you in giving quality care. There is no need for every person undergoing spine surgery. If the person doesn’t need spine surgery, then make sure you are consulting the best doctor. Many doctors are claiming themselves a good doctor but they are not as their main motive is to earn a profit. So to get the best care consult a skilled person.


  • Readmissions

Usually, 30-day readmission involves the overall cost. You should collect the data on readmission rates & identify how you can avoid it in the future. By paying attention to new protocols to decrease readmissions.


Final thought

The above-mentioned are the factors that will help you in decreasing the cost.

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