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What is better to treat a bone injury – ice or heat?


What is better to treat a bone injury – ice or heat?

Bone injuries are very common problem for people who are in sports or workout. To treat the problem effectively there are the 2 most important options heating pads and ice packs. In case, you are wondering which option will be best then read the given topic carefully.

To treat the orthopedic injuries the most common methods are heating pads and ice packs. But, it is seen that people often get confused about which option they should choose. Additionally, it is not certain how you can use them so that they do not cause harm rather than solving the problem.

Heat treatment

This treatment option helps in dealing with chronic conditions. It helps in stimulating the blood flow and relax the tissues of the affected muscles or joints. Heat is used for treating the overuse injury before any action is done. If the problem is muscle tension then heat is the most effective option.

Treating bone injury with heat

Heat treatment can be done by using an heated towel or electric heating pad. To use the electric pad make sure it has features to control the temperature so that burns and overheating can be prevented.

You can even use microwave bags filled with wheat, rice, or natural ingredients. Use the wheat bags carefully as they can catch fire very easily.

Using heat applications with caution

  • After activity never use heat treatments.
  • Keep the heat moderate.
  • With boiling water don’t heat a towel.
  • Don’t use heat on swelling.

If the problem is not solved then you should visit the ortho doctor as they will give the suitable treatment plan. Consult our doctor at our ortho centre as they will examine your condition and give you the treatment accordingly.

Ice treatment

This treatment is used for dealing with acute injuries like pain, inflammation, and reducing swelling. If the inflammation is not treated then it can lead to pain and disability. An ice pack applied within 2 days can reduce the swelling, bleeding, and muscle spasms. The ice pack can also deal with disorders like migraine headaches, arthritis, and trigeminal neuralgia.

Treating bone injury with ice

The ice packs are available commercially as packs of freezable gels. These can be made with ice cubes in a tea towel or plastic bag. One of the options is frozen peas.

Using ice applications with caution

  • Do not place ice directly on the skin, use a cloth barrier like a thin bath towel.
  • Never ice for more than 15 to 20 minutes. It is best to ice several times a day rather than at once.
  • Remove the pack if the skin appears red or bright pink.

For further information or if you have any query book your appointment at our bone hospital.

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