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What is Rotator Cuff Disease and How to Prevent it from Happening?


    What is Rotator Cuff Disease and How to Prevent it from Happening?


    There are three bones which make the shoulder: The upper arm bone, the shoulder blade and the collar bone. Shoulder is a ball and socket joint together, the ball or head of the upper arm bone meets a shallow socket in shoulder blade.


    The arm is conserved in shoulder socket by rotator cuff. It is made of a group of four muscles that are arranged together as a ligament for forming a covering over the head of humours. Rotator cuff connects the humours to shoulder blade, helping to move the arm. Rotator cuff tendons blind the head of humerus or the upper arm bone, which helps in raising and rotating the arm.

    There is a grassing pocket between rotator cuff and bone on top of shoulder. The bag allows the cuff to slide in a free way once they move the arm. When rotator cuff get hurt or are damaged, the ball can also become painful and aroused.



    There are two main causes. Read below to get to know more:

    Severe tear

    In case someone falls down on the extended arm or if something is lifted which is very heavy with a little bit of jerk, the rotator cuff can be injured. This kind of tear can happen with some other injuries, as well, like a broken collar bone or dislocated shoulder.

    Advanced tear

    Mostly the tears are because of overuse, of tendon which happens slowly, gradually. It happens when we grow old, rotator cuff tears mostly happen in the arm which is used mostly. In case of anyone having wear and tear in one shoulder, then it is a possibility of a rotator cuff tear in opposite one, even if there is no pain in that shoulder.

    There are a lot of factors attributing to it.

    • Constantly being stressed out –

    Repeating the movement of shoulder continually, can give stress to the muscles and tendon. Incas you are a sport person and fond of playing Baseball, weightlifting, rowing, playing tennis then it is not a very good sign for the muscles. Most of the jobs and routine work causes damage.

    • No blood supply

    After aging, the blood supply in the muscles becomes less, when there is no blood, the body fails to repair the damaged parts, which leads to tendon tear.

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