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Which ACL graft to choose for Surgery?


    Which ACL graft to choose for Surgery?

    ACL is a ligament type that occurs in the knee. Ligaments are rugged bands that connect the bone’s ends together. In case the ligament gets injured, then you must get the surgery at the right time. Read the given topic as we have shared which ACL graft we should choose for the surgery.

    An ACL reconstruction procedure helps in making new ligaments for the patient who is facing the problem of an ACL tear. Once the person decides to get the surgery, the most common question is which ACL graft they need.

    Reconstruction Vs. Repair

    ACL surgery is joint, and it can be referred to as ACL repair. Repair means what is broken and then getting it fixed. If the ACL is torn completely then torn ligament is torn, and it won’t heal back together.

    The best option is to remove the torn ends and replace the ligament with the ACL graft. The graft is moved from one place to another.

    Hamstring Tendon Autograft

    The hamstring muscles are on the thigh back and are a group of muscles. In ACL surgery, when the hamstring tendons are used, 2 of the muscle tendons are removed and bundled together to create a new ACL.

    • Advantages

    The incision is made very small to obtain the graft, and there will be mild pain which gets less in the coming days.

    • Disadvantages

    The main issue with these grafts is the fixation issue in the bone tunnels. To make the graft become rigid, more time is needed. So, before the grafts heal properly, patients need to take proper care of them, as suggested by the orthopedic surgeon. In case of any problem, you should visit the orthopedic Hospital.

    Patellar Tendon Autograft

    This is in the knee front, which connects the kneecap to the shin bone. When the graft is selected, the block of bone and the central 1/3rd of the patellar tendon are removed.

    • Advantages

    Many surgeons prefer as the length of the patellar tendon and ACL is the same and that the grafts of the bone ends are placed where the ACL gets attached. Also, this method is stronger as compared to other methods of healing.

    • Disadvantages

    After the surgery, there is the risk of patellar tendon tear or patellar fracture. Also, there is a problem of pain in the knee front.


    This is used for the athletes or patients who need revision ACL surgery. In some cases, stability is more as compared to autografts.

    • Advantages

    The operative time is decreased, smaller incisions, and after surgery pain is less.

    • Disadvantages

    The tissue strength is affected because of graft preparation and living cells being killed.

    For the right advice, you should contact the surgeon for a consultation today only!

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